The Complete Guide on Buying Low Rise Jeans


Introduction: What are Low-Rise Jeans?

Some people use the term “low rise jeans” to mean any pair of jeans which doesn’t sit at your waist. However, when referring to men’s clothing, “low rise jeans” typically have a front-waistband that sits anywhere from one to four inches below the navel or belly button. In the industry, “low rise” means a waistband that sits below your hip bones. When you’re shopping for low rise jeans, you need to find out whether or not the waistband is flat, or has a curved hem.
The front of a pair of jeans will be constructed with a button fly opening, or “fly”. The button fly opens and closes through small decorative panels called “buttons” and two side loops that form the waistband. The rest of the jeans will consist of two front pockets, two back pockets and a coin pocket in the right back pocket.

frankie b low rise jeans
frankie b low rise jeans

How to Buy Low-Rise Jeans with Confidence

The majority of men can find a pair of low-rise jeans that will fit them well. There are a few brands and styles that are guaranteed to offer you the pants you need in this category such as:
These are just a few of the many jeans available for guys who prefer low-rise styles. When you shop for these types of pants, you need to do a little more research and have more patience than someone shopping for mid- or high-rise jeans. Here’s what you should look out for when finding the perfect pair of low-rise jeans.
These pants work great for casual wear, especially as a replacement for chinos. From these jeans you look good and also are comfortable enough to wear all day every day. This is the type of jeans that many teenagers and young men prefer because it offers them more of a slimmer way to look their best without looking like they are slipping off the waistband.
For individual that wants an excellent pair of low-rise jeans , these are the best place to look at. They are made from denim and snug fitting from seam to seam. It’s a perfect look for you if you want to make a statement.

frankie b low rise jeans
frankie b low rise jeans

How to Dress Smart in Low-Rise Jeans

You’ve added a few new pieces to your wardrobe and want to look the part; meet your new, low-rise jeans. Loosely fitting around your hips, if you like wearing belts with jeans then you can pull of an oversized belt with them. A fitted tee or polo, followed by a sweater or hoodie is nice for a night out. A watch is perfect when you’re out. You can’t go wrong with a pair of chinos or slacks to dress up your look a little more. If you are concerned with your legs, try them over tall boots, they will add height and class to your look. If you want to go full blown rural looking, wear a baseball hat, that’s all you need.
Don’t overdo it with the accessories. Wearing 2 belts, 3 watch and giving yourself a quick shave will not make you look better, it will just add to your overcompensation because you are too insecure. Stick to one pair of shoes, a few simple watches and a few subtle charms to piece together a complete ensemble.
This article is meant for guys that have just started dressing smarter, but do not know what to wear next.
You will have different days of the week, different activities and different looks for each. I had a friend who would look like he was about to go to a war zone when he wore his “work clothes” on a Friday night out. He was coming home late and going through tremendous difficulties that couldn’t be avoided by dressing better. He was single, unfortunately he dressed as if he were married with two kids and furniture in the basement; this is just how he felt when he walked out the door every day.
If you are a male who is ready to start dressing “smarter” to meet new people and expand your social circle, then do the following:

frankie b low rise jeans
frankie b low rise jeans

What Are the Best Brands of Low-Rise Jeans?

Take a look around your neighborhood. You’re sure to find some great looking, affordable low-rise jeans that offer you the variety of styles you desire. They are being made overseas and the quality is just as good as the brand names you’re used to. Check out the following brands of low-rise jeans:
The Warehouse [ Target ]
These jeans look good and are great for the price. They are totally affordable and come in a variety of styles. You can also get them in multiple washes that go with any type of style you choose. The Warehouse’s website offers you tons of information on their products and information on how to buy them. If you have trouble finding what’s right for you, this is the place to go.
Hudson Jeans
These jeans are so comfortable, you’ll want to wear them everywhere. The jeans come in a variety of colors and also offer a cuffed jean look. They are also very affordable at around $30 each pair, but they’re worth it. With an incredible reputation for fashion, this brand has been making great products since 1873. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans that won’t break the bank, Hudson is the brand to choose.
Citizens of Humanity

frankie b low rise jeans
frankie b low rise jeans

What are the Best Types of Material for a Good Pair of Low Rise Jeens?

The answer lies in the material. There are a few different types of denim that appear to be the most popular on the market today. Other than that, there is also stretchy cotton and synthetic material that are popular with low-rise jeans fans. The option for you to choose from is a water-based, cotton and man-made material. The two most popular materials are cotton and polyester.
Cotton is believed to be the most comfortable material for low-rise jeans. This material breathes well and is suitable for multiple occasions. It also does not appear to get stretched out over a period of time. Some people will complain about cotton jeans because they stretch or shrink rather easily if not taken care of properly. Cotton is cheap and affordable, making it a popular choice for many consumers. The material itself seems to wash well and does not appear to shrink as easily as some other types of denim.

frankie b low rise jeans
frankie b low rise jeans