The Complete Guide to AI Writing Assistants and How They are Disrupting Copywriting & Content Creation


Introduction: What is an AI Writing Assistant and How Does it Actually Work?

When people think of the term “writing assistant,” they may envision a personal digital assistant, such as Siri or Cortana. However, the AI writing assistant – AISWA – is actually a computer program that will help you with your essay and paper writing. It’ll provide suggestions for possible topics and tweak your work to keep it free of plagiarism. AISWA is a new creation from the company Grammarly, which is renowned for its grammar checker. They have experience in creating tools to help you improve your writing, so they teamed up with researchers at the University of California, Berkeley to develop a program that can actually write an essay based on ideas given to it by you. The AI has been programmed to understand the grammatical structure of both your ideas and paper topics. The AI will try to keep the sentences in your essay coherent and grammatically correct, as well as formatting them correctly. By doing so, it expands the grammar-specificity of human writers.
What the AI can do for you:
1. It will expand your vocabulary.
2. It will help you put together a thesis statement.
3. It can generate the bare bones of an essay for you to flesh out.
4. It can help find ideas and new directions to explore in your writing without stealing someone else’s work or copy & pasting material from the Internet for your paper and essays.
5. It will give you an analysis of your writing with suggested places to improve it.

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How AI Writing Tools can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases

AISWA is covered by an educational license, which means it may be used as a classroom tool or as a part of your study program. For example, you might use AISWA to assist you in writing assignments for a specific university course. It can also be used to help write the personal statements required in applications for the various graduate programs available. Personal statements are often written by the students themselves, but some situations may require outside help. AISWA can help students with the content and the ability to turn it in early. AISWA’s AI writing tools and enhanced search capabilities provide students with an excellent platform to find the answers they are looking for. AISWA is available in browser-based and desktop versions. The browser-based version is available as a stand-alone app. It can be downloaded here:
The desktop version is available here:
AISWA was designed by a computer science student at the University of Virginia and has been used by over a million students worldwide. For those who are interested in the technical aspects of AISWA, I have provided links to our source code, which is also freely available:

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AI Writing Assistant Blogger’s Best Friend to Save Time & Money

I have used a couple of other writing tools, but I was never able to get much confidence in them. Most of them had some ability to improve essay quality and I was always afraid the bottom line was that they just changed the words to sound better. AISWA is much more than that because it can work with you and learn what you naturally write. It can also help with the mechanics of essay writing, making sure that it flows well, contains all commas, is well structured and properly punctuated. [..]
I have used AISWA, and it is a very good tool. I would definitely recommend it not only to students like myself who struggle with the mechanics of writing but also to those who are just in need of a good teacher to guide them.
The program was always right there on my PC, ready and waiting for me whenever I needed help. Sometimes I actually use the program during my writing sessions. It helps me get more ideas as well as making sure everything is consistent and won’t get lost [..]
This program not only helps writers but also editors who want to take the burden of proofreading and editing off their shoulders so they can focus on the more important aspects of their job.

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What are the Best AI Writing Tools And Websites in the Market

So, what are the best AI writing tools right now? Well, let’s start with our personal favorite – AISWA. This is powered by Grammarly and it can perform as a writing assistant, helping you create a narrative or even tailor your papers depending on the requirements. There are also some free tools that have keyboard extensions or, like AISWA, are integrated with other software. Some of these tools include SyncWriters, EssayShark and EssayRoo. These tools can be used as a virtual assistant to help you compose your essays or papers. AISWA has many benefits for students and for educators alike. It can be used to improve students’ writing, it can also be used for grading, comments, and feedback. It can also be used for grammar checking, spell checking and even proofreading. AISWA is completely free, and the best part is that it allows the user to add additional free extensions.
Successful writers know they have to write… A true story of a NASA astronaut tells us how writing saved his life.
AISWA, who is a writing assistant will not just help you to create a narrative, it will also retrieve information for you, allowing you to write about anything. It has live templates that are easily customizable. You can access the web version of AISWA through browser and you can even connect your various accounts such as YouTube, Twitter and WordPress. It has a very user-friendly interface and even allows for chat assistance. AISWA is also available for download as a standalone app on your PC, Mac or android devices. It also has an auto-complete feature that can give you suggestions based on your own writing style.
AISWA can help you in two ways:

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How to Choose Which AI Writer Fits Your Content Generation needs? (keywords

If you are unsure whether you should use an AI writing assistant or not, consider the following points: * The sheer number of possible topics seems quite intimidating, doesn’t it? With an AI writer, you don’t have to worry about that. It’ll take a look at the topic and provide a few suggestions if needed. * If you are short on time, but still wish to submit a complete paper, using an AI will help you reduce the amount of time it takes. * Safety is quite important, especially when it comes to education and research. You can rest assured knowing that an AI writer is regulated by an experienced editor to ensure that no plagiarism occurs.
The variety of topics is staggering but it’s best to focus on your strengths when choosing a topic. If you are proficient in writing on a certain topic, then it would be wise to pick something on the same subject or one that relates closely to it. This will increase your chances of getting good results and will also help you identify areas where improvement is needed.
To begin with, you can start off with a topic that you are familiar with. If not, take some time to brainstorm ideas and see what comes up. You can use the following topics in both the hard and soft sciences:

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