The Complete Guide to Alice and Olivia Midi Dress


Introduction: What is an Aliexpress Sold?

Alice and Olivia is a high-end women’s fashion brand that was founded by twin sisters Lisa Lublin and Laura Snyder. The company was named after the twins’ grandmothers – Alica Lublin and Olivia Snyder. These fashionable sisters launched their first clothing line in 2002, and the company quickly became a hit among wealthy women. Their main line plus plus collection, and famous A&O black label have been seen on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.
**Coincidentally, Laura Snyder is also an owner of the website eBay.
The A&O brand was a source of contention in the fashion industry, however, with some fashion critics claiming that “the A&O line is plagued by quality issues, customers’ complaints of receiving inferior quality items and shipping delays many claim to be intentional.”1 Others believe the company’s success has more to do with its marketing techniques than with actual design.2
The company has since come under new management, and its boxy style has been replaced by more stylish, modern clothes.3 These new designs are also more expensive and low in quantity.4 Like many other fashion companies, A&O’s clothing is made primarily in China.5 The brand’s website even claims that “All of our current inventory is 100% manufactured in China.”6
Aliexpress is a website owned by Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company with market cap over $320 billion.7 Like eBay and Amazon, Aliexpress allows buyers and sellers to trade among themselves without dealing with a third-party check-out process.8

alice and olivia midi dress
alice and olivia midi dress

How Aliexpress as a Platform Works & Why It is an Important Pivotal Step in Free Marketplaces

As co-founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar believed that online retail should be different from the way we currently buy things. He started his own online auction site, Moniker in 1995, which became one of the first websites to welcome non-US based customers and has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company. In 1999, he launched eBay and it grew exponentially over the next few years. When eBay’s revenues went over $1 billion in 2002, the company was sold to a group of investors led by Omidyar.
Pierre Omidyar has been able to create what TIME Magazine called “arguably one of the most influential innovations of the Internet age” because he aimed not to earn money, but to make a difference. He wanted to create a marketplace that fosters free and open exchange with trust and safety as its core principles. And eBay has achieved all that.

alice and olivia midi dress
alice and olivia midi dress

Will you Sell on Aliexpress? And Which Platform Should You Choose

This online marketplace was founded in 2010 as a global e-commerce website connecting Asian manufacturers with Western retailers and shoppers. From its headquarters in Beijing, the company serves more than 220 countries and regions around the world, processing over one hundred thousand orders daily. The company is now worth $200 billion.

alice and olivia midi dress
alice and olivia midi dress

How to Buy Aliexpress Directly from or

You can choose to buy it directly from or (the two main platforms are very similar and allow you to buy from aliexpress) where you easily get the exact link to the product page for the item you’re interested in. You can then compare prices and read detailed product reviews.
(1) How to Buy Aliexpress Directly from
Go to or and search for the item you want to purchase.
(2)How to Buy Aliexpress Directly from
Go to and search for the item you want to purchase. Copy the link of the product page (the long link) and paste it into your browser’s address bar, then you will see something like this “”.
(3)Video Tutorial: How to Buy Aliexpress Directly from or

alice and olivia midi dress
alice and olivia midi dress

What is the Difference Between Buyer

When you place your order on aliexpress you are not buying the product straight from a Chinese supplier, rather you are ordering it from one of the thousands of stores that sell on AliExpress. This is why it’s important to read the seller reviews, as well as customer reviews to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. You can also try searching for the specific product you want on Google, and in the search results you’ll see a link to the aliexpress store that sells it, which will have reviews and ratings, and you can then decide if it’s a good buy.
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alice and olivia midi dress
alice and olivia midi dress