The Complete Guide to Belts That Go with Jeans


Introduction: What are Belts and What Do Belts Do?

Belts are a piece of clothing that is worn around the waist. They are known to be an adornment for both men and women. Belts have been around since the beginning of human history and were originally only used by warriors and kings, who wore strips of heavy cloth similar to belts with their armor (they also were more than likely wearing a belt). But today, belts serve many different purposes for different people. For example, the belt serves as a fashion statement, a source of security, a way of displaying one’s status in society and even to help manage one’s weight. Belts can be made from materials such as leather, rope or fabric (most commonly plastic). Today there are many different styles; such as short belts that go up around the waist as to wrap around the waistline and long belts that go from the hip to ankle. There are also garter belts, buckle belts and suspenders.
Belts, along with skirts and trousers, were modernized in the early 19th century after the French Revolution. As men started to wear trouser-like clothing, they needed a way to keep the pants up. Traditionally this was done via a belt that was tied around the waist. Today men still use belts to hold their shirt and pants up, but women have also adopted this fashion trend. Women usually wear belts to hold up their skirts and pants.

belts to wear with jeans
belts to wear with jeans

Belts to Wear with Denim Jeans – The Ultimate Guide

Now that you know what a belt is and how they are used, it’s time to figure out what type of belt you want to wear with your denim jeans. For example, do you want to choose a belt that is long and goes up high around your waist or do you want to wear a short, low-rise belt? Yet another factor you might consider is the material; some belts are made from leather, have metal buckles and thick leather straps while others are made from softer plastic. These factors can make choosing a belt a bit difficult. So I have created this guide to the ultimate belt to wear with your jeans that will help you narrow down your options and ultimately select the perfect belt for you.
Leather Belts
There is a reason that leather is often associated with luxury and high quality. Leather belts are hands down a classic and they have been around for centuries and have not gone out of style. Whether you’re looking for a black, brown or other type of leather, you will find that leather belts can be found in almost any color or style that you want. They are great for any occasion and look much better than the plastic or rubber alternatives. They can be made with metal buckles and thick leather straps that go up high around your waist or they can also be made with a simple, thin strap that is not as stiff as traditional leather belts.
Metal Buckle Leather Belts

belts to wear with jeans
belts to wear with jeans