The Complete Guide to Black and White T-shirt Design and How It Could Help You Sell Your Fashion Styles Online


How to Get Started with a Black & White Tank Top Designing Software Program

There are a few essential tips to get the best results when creating your own black and white tank top. I will show you the appropriate steps to create a design that has depth, color and uniqueness. I will also show you a few designs that I created with software called Adobe Illustrator. It’s easy to use and has different tools and features that help streamline the process of designing. The best part is, Adobe Illustrator is completely free! So what are you waiting for?
1. First, create a background image or photo of your desired design. This should be small in size so it does not take too much room on the tank top unless you want it to be large.
2. Next, use the Pen Tool to trace out your design inside of the shapes you have created.
3. Fill in your traced area with a color. This color should be fairly light so it does not take away from your original color choices. The opposite is true if you want to contrast the background and foreground colors, then make sure you choose a darker shade of that color.

black and white tank top
black and white tank top

Why Should You Use the Best Black and White T-Shirt Design Software?

There is no question that some have more talent than others with designing. What you need to know though, is that it isn’t so much about talent as it is understanding how to work with the software. You can master any design program in a few hours, if you already know what you are doing. Otherwise you will be spending more hours, and more energy trying to figure it out on your own.
What we should be looking for when picking out a program, is how easy they are to use and learn. We are not looking for the best or most simple necessarily, but just one that is simple enough that anyone can master it quickly without having to waste time.
The program I am going to talk about today is called Canva Design School. It is the best Black and White T-Shirt Design Software program there is, and it is also one of the simplest to use.

black and white tank top
black and white tank top

The One Type of Content You Need to Write Every Day

For you fiction writers, that means writing about your characters, your current project or anything that has to do with your writing skills. Once you make a habit out of this type of content, once-monthly blog posts will keep readers coming back to your site time after time.
For you nonfiction writers, this should be your type of content. In fact, it should be your only type of content. You’ll have to come up with a lot for nonfiction. Brief little nuggets that serve no purpose other than to pique readers’ interests so they will read on. Put those in your blog regularly and readers will have no reason not to click back to your site time after time.
If you are a nonfiction writer, you have an advantage over fiction writers in that your product is you. That makes it easier to write nonfiction than fiction. It’s like the difference between sitting down and writing a 50,000-word novel and giving a one-hour lecture (if you can shorten it down to one hour).

black and white tank top
black and white tank top

Not All AI Writing Tools Are Created Equal…

FOR TODAY’S T-SHIRT DESIGN Tutorial, we’ll use Subtle Patterns. Every time you download, purchase and use this software you will be supporting us and our mission to help others create their own black and white tank top designs. Thank you!
The Tutorial:
This software can be used to create any kind of digital art. Whether it’s black and white tank top designs or just plain digital graphic design, it’s a great place to start, especially when you’re just getting started. We’ll walk through the software and show you how to use it and then we’ll show you how to use this same software, but with pre-made templates so that anyone can do the same thing.
However, it takes more than just learning a tool to make high quality art. The techniques and principles of this black and white tank top design tutorial can be used with almost any software that you use.

black and white tank top
black and white tank top

Why Your Business May Actually Need an ‘AI’ Writer

There are several reasons why you need an AI writer that can help you grow your business, including: increasing leads, social engagement, conversion rates and sales to name a few. When your lead capture offers are compelling, you can expect more conversions for every offer you make. A good ‘AI’ writer can help you increase your sales and the value of your business.
Here’s why:
1. Writing Is a Team Sport
Marketing isn’t a solo sport. It takes a team of marketers to run a successful campaign that generates leads and sales. Writers are just one piece of the puzzle. A writer is an excellent member of your marketing team because they can provide value by creating high-quality, engaging content that will generate more leads and sales for you company.
2. The Return on Investment (ROI) is Huge
A good ‘AI’ writer can generate huge ROI for your company. In fact, according to the 2018 Online Media Study by Search Engine Journal and Conversant, they found that 72% of online marketers believe that hiring an AI writer (or other content creation tools such as a video platform provider or a professional video agency) makes their job easier.

black and white tank top
black and white tank top