The Complete Guide to Christian Dior Saddle Bags and How They are Transforming the Fashion Industry


Introduction: What is a Christian Dior Saddle Bag and Why Do We Love Them?

They are not a new design by Dior, but rather a timeless piece of hand crafted leather that has been in use for over 30 years. They were first introduced in 1981 and from the 1950s-1960s, were made out of genuine leather. However starting in the early 2000’s, they began to be outsourced to India and China where they would then be made up of synthetic leather. This was not only the reason for the change, but also the reason for several lawsuits against Christian Dior regarding unethical manufacturing practices. (This fact was discovered at, an official website of the brand.)
Christian Dior’s famous saddle bags were created in response to the large shoulder bags being carried by women. The large bags were considered not only a nuisance, but also a symbol of feminism. Therefore, designers at Christian Dior set out to make smaller versions of the satchel bag commonly worn by men.
Although they may be small, people still love their convenience and versatility in design.

christian dior saddle bag strap
christian dior saddle bag strap

How the Different Types of Christian Dior Bags Are Made & Different Sizes & Weights

Christian Dior uses two techniques for making their handbags. One technique is used for their signature saddle bags which are made with a genuine piece of leather and trimmed off for the handles, while the other is used for their other popular styles of bags such as small satchels, summer bags and purses. Both techniques are sourced from Italy, however they are produced in India or China by different manufacturers. The saddles are sewn by hand using fine leather and hardware making them very supple and soft. The rest of the bags are sewn and made in China, therefore they are generally stiffer, have less hand feel, a more solid structure and do not have the fine nuances of surface texture that make the saddle bags so desirable.
Dior saddle bags are used by the famous actresses of Paris, most notably Honorine de Villepin, who reportedly carries a saddle bag from Christian Dior.
The exact measurements and weight of the different types of Christian Dior bags are as follows:
Saddle/Saddle Bag (also known as Saddle Bag w/o Bag) : 35 X 35 cm, 13.7″ x 11.4″ (not including handles), 4.1 pounds [aprox. April/May 2009]
: 35 X 35 cm, 13.7″ x 11.4″ (not including handles), 4.1 pounds [aprox. April/May 2009] Small Saddle Bag : 31 X 33 cm, 12.2″ x 12 (including handles), 2.9 pounds [aprox. April/May 2009]
: 31 X 33 cm, 12.2″ x 12 (including handles), 2.9 pounds [aprox. April/May 2009] Maxi Saddle Bag : 37 X 39 cm, 14.6″ x 15.4 (not including handles), 4.7 pounds [aprox. April/May 2009]

christian dior saddle bag strap
christian dior saddle bag strap

What are the Best Christian Dior Saddle Bag Brands Out there?

First of all, I would like to inform you that there are several Christian Dior saddle bag brands on the market. Many people assume that because they are not produced by Christian Dior, they do not have the same quality, craftsmanship or hand feel as a Christian dior product. My question is – “Why?!” There are many other brands out there that offer a superior hand feel and quality leather. We will discuss some of them in the next paragraph.
Paloma Picasso is known for not only being a great handbag designer but also for her iconic use of animal prints. Paloma Picasso has been around since 1999 and is still going strong today. This brand offers large selection of high quality handbags, which are all made from the finest materials. They offer a variety of tastes and styles including classic, vintage and modern looks.

christian dior saddle bag strap
christian dior saddle bag strap

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christian dior saddle bag strap
christian dior saddle bag strap