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How to Win a New TV Deal with Derek & Mimi’s Chinese Restaurant Guide

Chinatown is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Toronto. It’s full of interesting sights and smells, but their favourite stop is always Derek and Mimi’s Chinese Restaurant Guide! The restaurant guide is a staple for any tourist who visits the city and is incredibly popular with both residents and tourists alike. It’s a big business venture that has been very successful in Toronto and the couple have recently partnered with Chris Chan, who will be helping them market their brand to potential distributors. They are looking forward to working with someone new and are thrilled to be expanding their business in this way.
Derek and Mimi have always wanted to expand the reach of their restaurant guide, but they have been wary of making the wrong move. They knew that if they didn’t do it right, they could lose all of the customers who love their guides so much. They knew that if they partnered with someone who was going to maximize their opportunity for success, though, then it would pay off big time and now that is exactly what is happening. They have a chance to expand their business by working with someone who has the motivation, enthusiasm and drive to partner up with them and make their guides even more successful than they already are.

derek and mimi go back to china
derek and mimi go back to china