The Diana Ross Look: What Is It & How to Get It


Introduction: What is a ‘Diana Ross Look’?

When we think of Diana Ross, it’s natural to conjure up an image of her in her most famous “glamazon” look — that is, in colorful dresses and with lots of black eyeliner. But these days, she’s not nearly as much of a pop icon as she once was. After a long and successful career, Diana Ross is mostly known today for her work with her husband, the legendary producer and music mogul Clive Davis. And while, yes, she still sports some pretty colorful outfits — and black eyeliner — today’s look doesn’t fit the “glamazon” mold at all.
In a recent interview with ABC News, Diana Ross spoke about her style and how it’s evolved over the years. “It depends on what it is that I’m wearing,” she said. “If I’m wearing something that is more conventional, then I’ll wear colored pajamas and bright nail polish. That’s what people do when they’re retired. But if I’m going out and I’ve got something that’s, sort of, a little more alluring, then I put on my makeup.”
Already her sartorial choices have evolved with the times. In 2016 she showed off her curves in an elegant dress — but otherwise stuck to classic black — as she accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama at the White House. But Diana Ross’s style is focused on more than just beauty: she’s been a dedicated humanitarian over the course of her career. This has also influenced her choices for what to wear.

diana ross black and white
diana ross black and white

How to Wear the Diana Ross Look for the Best Results

For a Diana Ross look, you’ll want to go for the subtle and classy. Blend black, white, and neutral colors in your wardrobe so that when you get dressed up for an occasion, the colors can easily match with each other. And do whatever you can to avoid wearing too much makeup. Even if black eyeliner is what you’re going for, keep the rest of your face relatively bare.
Source: Diana Ross black and white makeup, blonde hair, pearls, and white dress.
Source: interview with Diana Ross.
In honor of her global contributions to the world of fashion, Diana Ross was honored with a shoe collection that was inspired by her personal style and made for Bloomingdale’s. Check out the [PR Web|] for more details.
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diana ross black and white
diana ross black and white

Why is the Diana Ross Look so Popular in 2018?

The Diana Ross look is a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe in combination with black, white, and neutral colors. You don’t want to be wearing too much makeup because then it ends up looking too matchy-matchy and overdone. But you can still wear some bright colors with the Diana Ross look such as pink and green if you please. Just find a lot of ways to mix and match your wardrobe with basic colors so that you can easily pull off a glamazon look without going overboard. [ARTICLE END]
AD: Diana Ross’s movie career has spanned 45 years and more than 150 films. Her movie credits include hits like The Wiz, Mahogany and Lady Sings The Blues. She also performed the theme song for the 2016 animated musical comedy film, Moana. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the song earned her a 2017 Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media. You can learn more about her on my homepage at [ARTICLE STARTS]
Diana Ross’ fashion style and aesthetic are timeless in the way that she can always transition from one trend to the next without having to resort to basic black and white looks. Diana Ross has been a top style icon for decades, beginning in the 1960s with her performance in The Supremes. She ignited the disco era with her single “I’m Coming Out” and became a symbol of women’s liberation and feminism. She has continued to be a style icon ever since. Here is a look at some of Diana Ross’ greatest fashion moments. [ARTICLE STARTS]

diana ross black and white
diana ross black and white

5 Ways to Style Your Hair Like a Diana Ross Look

If you want to make a bold statement, you can pull off a Diana Ross look by styling your hair in a way that resembles the ruffled crown she wore in her hair during the early years of her career. Another great Diana Ross hairstyle is the “teaser” look. To do this, you pull your hair up around your face and then let it fall down to the sides. Be warned that these kinds of looks are not appropriate for the workplace unless you want to raise some eyebrows.
1. An effortless look: If you want to be casual, pull your hair back. You can also pull it up around the sides of your face and let it fall down to the middle part.
2. The Diane Ross Front: This look is best for women with straight hair. To do this, you simply pull your hair up into a ponytail and twist it around itself in the front so the ends are pointing down.
3. Diana Ross with bangs: To try this look, you must have long hair and then flip your hair up and let it fall down towards the side of your face.
4. Diana Ross’s Hair in a Braid: This look is great for women with hair that is already parted on one side. Start by taking your ponytail that has been flipped over and wrap it around your head in a large braid.
5. The graduated bob: If you have long, wavy hair, you can try the Diana Ross graduated bob. First pull your hair up and flip it over in the back. Then pull the front section of your hair down to form a veil over your face.
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diana ross black and white
diana ross black and white

How I Dressed as Diana Ross & Why I Made it Myself (keyword : diy dianaross look, diy tiara hairstyle tutorial, di

The Diana Ross look is a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe in combination with black, white, and neutral colors. The tiara-style hairstyle and wig are perfect for giving you the classic 1960s “Billie Jean” look while still being chic enough to wear anywhere.
The video below shows how I created my own Diana Ross look with a tiara-style wig, white shirt, and black pencil skirt. You can also find tutorial links to create a tiara-style hairstyle and DIY costume details at the bottom of this post.

diana ross black and white
diana ross black and white