The Fashion Industry is Changing, And These Brands Are Leading The Way


Introduction: Why Should You Care about the Future of Fashion

What is fashion, after all? It’s a combination of art and business. It’s trends that shift with the times, but never quite lose their sense of perennial style. And while it’s no secret that the fashion world has been growing and changing at an unprecedented rate, many people might not realize we’re actually in the midst of a fashion revolution.
If you ask us, that’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it’s time to embrace change, because the future of fashion is going to look very different from what we’re used to today. In this report, we’ll examine the disruptors — technology and changing consumer behaviors — that are driving fashion forward. And most importantly, we’ll talk about how you can position your company for success in light of these shifts and changes.
How We Got Here

castle couture off the runway
castle couture off the runway

A Look Back at What Fashion Has Been Up To on the Runway in Recent Years and What It Says About the Industry

IT’S BEEN A ROUGH FEW YEARS for the fashion industry. Not only has there been a general shift in taste and aesthetics, but, concurrently, so has the industry’s business model. While the more traditional, high-end fashion houses of Europe and the US have found success while shifting toward less expensive, fast fashion options (think $1,000 leather pants), those in different parts of the world have been struggling to keep up. In Southeast Asia, notably Thailand and Cambodia, it’s big in the industry to be doing work for cheap prices but with fabulous results. Those working in South America have had a difficult time dealing with the volatile political and economic climates. And, while there’s never a shortage of higher-end brands, China remains a challenge, especially in terms of counterfeit goods.
All this has led to the notion that “designer” is essentially meaningless; even Net-a-Porter Chief Executive Officer Natalie Massenet recently questioned whether the term should be retired. But, just because the industry has seen some paradigm shifts, doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, the fashion industry is doing quite well, thank you very much. It’s simply changing how it defines success: a big designer name or a mass-produced product no longer makes something fashionable. Instead, it’s what the industry calls “intergenerational” pieces that are most in demand.

castle couture off the runway
castle couture off the runway

The Complete Guide to New Trends in Fashion – From Leather Jackets to Big Braids

However, the celebrity status of fashion’s elite can’t last forever. As we look back on our favorite trends from Fashion Weeks past, it’s clear there are new faces taking center stage. While these designers might make for great Instagram material, are they really creating the next big thing? What makes them different? And what does their success mean for the future of fashion? We talk to the designers behind some of our favorite looks from the past year.
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castle couture off the runway
castle couture off the runway

What’s Next? 5 Companies Leading The Charge Into Innovation & Product Development In Fashion

So, what’s next for the fashion industry? What will be developed from the likes of Jason Wu and Peter Dundas in the next decade? We’ve got a few ideas (and we’re not talking about the latest trend). We’ve selected five companies that are revolutionizing the fashion industry, not by reinventing the wheel, but by coming up with new ways to make it move faster.
These companies are innovating in areas that many have merely speculated: the development of products and the expansion into new areas. These five names are sure to be household names within a decade.
1. Materialise:
Founded in 2001, Materialise is a 3D printing and digital design software firm based in Leuven, Belgium. The company specializes in 3D printing software and manufacturing, creating software that prints high quality parts and products as well as software that simulates the process of printing to reduce cost of new products.
Despite a slow start, the company’s strategy is to acquire new customers at a faster rate than they can be developed and then turn those customers into partners. The company has had 3D printing and additive manufacturing clients from all over the world, including industries like aerospace and defense, automotive and medical technology.

castle couture off the runway
castle couture off the runway