The Geography of Georgiana Blue: The Painting of Bob Ross


Introduction: ‘Bob Ross’ is the Oldest Painting in America and Largest Ever to be Sold by a Private Collector

The artwork features a landscape painting of snow-capped mountains and a lake that is said to be based on Ross’ home in Oregon. The painting was created by artist Bob Ross, who taught television viewers how to paint trees, rocks, and landscapes in the 1981 PBS show ‘The Joy of Painting’. Few details are available about what happened to the painting after Ross retired from public broadcasting in 1992. It was first shown at auction on Wednesday night at Sotheby’s and sold for $432,000.
Bob Ross, who died in 1995, created the painting in 1983 and signed it on the back. It is believed to be the earliest painting by Ross, made when he was 51. Experts have said that Ross painted around 1,000 paintings during his life and that only a few hundred of those survive.
Ross taught millions how to paint on PBS’s long-running program “The Joy of Painting” from 1983 until 1991. Ross was a former corporate executive who took up art after retiring from business. He had a stroke in 1994. He and his wife, Jan, established the Ross Foundation in 1992 to help others become artists. Jan Ross died of cancer in 2000 at age 55.”

bob ross painting georgia blue
bob ross painting georgia blue

Georgiana Blue, a Georgia O’Keeffe-Inspired Masterpiece

Two female figures confront one another on an abstract landscape. One figure is shown in profile, her eyes closed, hair hanging loose down her back. She is draped in a sensuous pink garment and stands bare-footed on yellow sand. Welcoming the sunlight, she raises her arms and gazes into the horizon. Behind her is a second figure—a woman with mid-length curls who is turned away from her. To the side is a large, bright orange sun symbolizing an awakening—a rebirth. A breeze flutters the clothing of both figures and stirs their hair as they look ahead at the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.
A Georgia O’Keeffe painting has inspired a masterpiece portrait of two women, setting off a firestorm of renewed interest in this contemporary masterwork.
“It is a firestorm,” said Paul, a seasoned art collector and one of the co-owners of the auction house that sold the painting, L.A.’s Eby Klein Gallery. “People are just astonished at how good it is.”

bob ross painting georgia blue
bob ross painting georgia blue

Bob Ross’s Paintings Represent Tributes to His Home State

Ross, who achieved fame for painting landscapes in the 1980s on his popular PBS show ‘The Joy of Painting,’ died in 1995 at the age of 50. His paintings are on display at Sotheby’s New York and Sotheby’s London. The auction houses said this was the first time the painting had been offered for sale since it was commissioned by the Ross family in 1986. Georgia Blue, a painting inspired by the blues of Georgia and North Carolina, has existed in four different versions – three of which were destroyed in fires. Georgian Blue was painted to mark the occasion of Bob Ross’ 50th birthday and features him standing barefoot on a beach on a sunny day surrounded by mountains. ‘Georgia Blue is a melancholy piece,’ said Christopher Burge, senior consultant to Sotheby’s. ‘It was intended to be used for a television project that never came to fruition.’ [ARTICLE END]
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bob ross painting georgia blue
bob ross painting georgia blue

Georgia’s Prime Consulting Expert on the Painting Process

In Georgia, the painting was valued at $950,000 when it was sold to a private collector in 2007. The two-day auction in New York included some of the world’s most expensive artworks. ‘Georgia Blue’ is being sold by the son of its original owner who worked with Ross for more than 35 years and had previously been an adviser on his paintings. ‘My dad is a (painting) expert and this is my favorite painting,’ said the son, Chris Ross. ‘My father had this painting hanging in his office at the channel. He’s created many paintings and the best part of working with Bob was he always told me which ones were good and why.’ The auction house declined to reveal the identity of the buyer of ‘Georgia Blue.’ The painting was valued at $950,000 when it was sold to a private collector in 2007.[ARTICLE END]
3-16-19 AUGUST, 2019: ‘Georgia Blue’ (above) from the private collection of the original owner, who worked with Ross for more than 35 years and previously advised on his paintings. The painting was valued at $950,000 when it was sold to a private collector in 2007.
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bob ross painting georgia blue
bob ross painting georgia blue

An Unexpected Event Inspires Georgiana Gaile’s Milestone Work

The art cover model is one of the most famous photographers in the world. She has shot more than 100 covers for The New Yorker magazine and her fine art prints are exhibited in galleries. She is also a musician, painter and performance artist. Guillem was born in Barcelona, was raised in Paris, and studied at the New School, in New York. Her relationship with art began in an unusual way. While living with her grandmother, a professional pianist and composer, she became interested in jazz and the avant-garde. When she was eight years old, Guillem says she began to paint and started creating a body of work inspired by American artists such as Egon Schiele, Isamu Noguchi and the prominent African-American artist Robert Motherwell.
Many people don’t know that famous artists start out not only as art students in museums, but also as photo students in darkrooms. Guillem has a degree from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. She says she loved it and still loves the darkroom work of her peers.
Guillem is a photographer today. She has had more than 100 covers for The New Yorker magazine. But in 1991, she had just finished a New York Times Magazine cover shoot when she was approached by the publication’s art director to do an art project. He wanted her to paint “Georgia Blue,” which he described as “a tiny painting that would be a humorous take on Georgia’s history. It would be funny and retro, sort of like Roy Lichtenstein” Guillem agreed to do it but says she never thought it could be a giant project. She had never considered that her tiny painting would become big enough to feature in an exhibition at the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

bob ross painting georgia blue
bob ross painting georgia blue