The History of the “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” Saying


Introduction: What does “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” Mean?

First thing, let us define what it means by “bigger”. Bigger is better in the sense that it is larger or more impressive, but bigger can also translate to being greater in quantity. Definitions like these are important because they will help you conduct a little research so that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Additionally, try to avoid creating your own definition for what you’re writing about. In this case, “bigger” refers to size in the first context and quantity in the second.
Next, it is necessary to define exactly what “Texas” is. There are many definitions for the term “Texas,” but we will stick with the definition of state of America in which Houston and Dallas reside. Texas is a unique place because it is large enough to be considered a state in its own rights, yet it has enough culture and landscape differences to be considered more than just another version of other states along the US coast.

everything's bigger in texas shirt
everything’s bigger in texas shirt

Origin of the Slogan

The slogan dates back to the 1930s when some clever salesman came up with it. He probably used it as a way to convince people in other states to buy his large, Texas cacti. The slogan as well as the cacti soon became famous and was known nationwide. As a result, people started to use “everything’s bigger in Texas” not only in reference to products sold by the cactus salesman, but also in reference to other things. For example, Texans also say “everything’s bigger than life” in reference to their response to tragedies. This can be seen in the lyrics of the country song: “Everything is bigger in Texas,” which goes as follows: “I went out west to find adventure but I found that everything is bigger in Texas.”
The original slogan was used by a number of companies and organizations throughout the years. However, none of these entities are still using the slogan today. One of these companies was an oil company that used the slogan to market their product in the 1980s.
Another company included a catchphrase in the lyrics of its jingle. This car company used “everything’s bigger in Texas” throughout their commercials and its TV jingle, which was utilized between 1971 and 1983. According to one source, this car company even put the slogan on its bumper stickers.

everything's bigger in texas shirt
everything’s bigger in texas shirt

The Meaning Behind the Slogan

The slogan is supposed to mean that everything in Texas is bigger. As such, this slogan encompasses a lot of things from food to sports. We can think of the slogan as meaning “everything you’re missing out on in places other than Texas is just not as big”. This is a good thing to remember the next time you’re living in a place that doesn’t have Texans.
The slogan is supposed to be a reference to the state’s local products, hence the emphasis on cattle, oil and crops. The last part of the slogan “everything’s bigger in texas” is a double entendre—as previously noted it can mean “big food,” “big fields,” or “big sports.”
Sports: The Gamecock football program has an ongoing rivalry with Texas A&M. They play each other every year for the Governor’s Cup, named for Texas Governor Rick Perry. It was played every year from 2007 until 2012. The teams have agreed to play the game again in 2016, 2017 and 2018, continuing the rivalry on an annual basis. Our Gamecocks have won 6 of the last 8 games against Texas A&M and are headed to Texas this fall to try to repeat that success.

everything's bigger in texas shirt
everything’s bigger in texas shirt

Conclusion & Q&A

As you can see, today we’re going to take a look at everything’s bigger in Texas. (1) We’ll first be looking at the history behind it and why it became what it is today.
(2) We’ll then look at how everything’s bigger in Texas effects people, such as athletes, musicians, businessmen etc.
(3) We’ll end up on the other side of the spectrum and talk about what’s not as big in Texas, such as education, religion and pollution.
(4) Lastly, we’ll conclude with a Q&A section.
About everything’s bigger in Texas : “Background”

everything's bigger in texas shirt
everything’s bigger in texas shirt