The Importance of Chintz Fabric as a Table Setting


Introduction: What is Chintz Fabric?

Chintz is a household fabric that originated in India and has been used by the British since the 1860s. The fabric became popular in England during the Edwardian era, when it was seen in many examples of patterned wallpaper. It’s most often associated with Indian or Asian-themed designs or patterns, but it can also be found on furnishings such as sofas and chairs. Chintz fabric is also often used to make quilts. The term “chintz” wasn’t coined until the late 1800s, but the fabric was around long before that.
While chintz is traditionally associated with homes, it can also be found on clothing. One of the most famous uses of chintz fabric is the Nehru coat that was popular in England around 1960. That jacket was designed to look like the Indian garments worn by Mahatma Gandhi, who is often called “Father of India.” The term “chintz” comes from a Hindi word that means “splendor.” Chintzes come in a variety of patterns and can be found in a variety of colors. [END ARTICLES]
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chintz fabric by the yard
chintz fabric by the yard

How to Choose the Proper Color for Your Decor

The color of chintz fabric can be one of the most confusing and difficult parts of choosing the right piece for your decor. Experienced designers suggest that you choose a background color that’s close to the dominant hue in your coloring. For example, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you should look for pale yellow fabrics with gold designs. If you have dark hair and eyes, choose a chintz fabric with a deep shade in the background and pale, pale gold designs.
To choose the background color for your chintz, study your favorite design works and paint. Pick up a piece of chintz and examine it closely. The coloring of the fabric is a direct reflection of how it was made. For example, if you see gold-colored threads in some areas, it’s likely that these are handmade. The gold thread means the material was spun or woven on a spinning wheel rather than being produced by machine. The loom coloring shows the various colors produced by shuttles. If you find many different colors in a single area, it’s likely that this area was woven on a hand-woven loom.
When you choose your fabrics, remember to match the palette of colors to your coloring. Bright shades of greens, blues and yellows suggest a sunny disposition. Pinks, reds and purples suggest a warm-blooded nature. A supple gray or beige palette suggests a gray or beige-eyed individual, while pale pinks and russet browns indicate soft red hair and eyes.

chintz fabric by the yard
chintz fabric by the yard

How to Decorate a Room with the Appropriate Color Palette

If you choose a chintz fabric for your room, the stage is set for you to pick out the other decorations and furniture. If you want to make the gold look more prominent in your room, accent it with a color that’s only slightly darker than the chintz background. If you want to display the background of your chintz fabric prominently, you’ll need to use lighter colors in accents and other small details.
The chintz fabric itself will be enough to draw attention in a large room, with no need for other decorative elements. If you do choose to include any other elements, though, the ideal way of doing so is by using the same color scheme that’s present in the chintz. The vase and flowers on your table could be selected from the same color palette that’s used on your walls or drapes. Your lampshade can match a pattern in your drapes or wall coverings.

chintz fabric by the yard
chintz fabric by the yard

Chintz Fabric – A Trendy Way to Set the Mood in a Room

Chintz is a great choice for trendy interiors because it’s an antique fabric. And, since you can find it in so many different designs and colors, it’s a great way to show that you have a refined taste. It’s also a great way to subtly update your decor by adding a more subtle accent to your home.
The great thing about this fabric is that it’s extremely versatile. You can use it for curtains, roman shades, drapes, tablecloths, bedding and so much more. It’s a popular choice for many people because it looks great with traditional or contemporary styles. And you don’t need to be afraid of spending a lot of money on this type of fabric.

chintz fabric by the yard
chintz fabric by the yard

Conclusion: Create Your Own Chintz Fabrics at Home

Chintz fabrics are true classics, so you can definitely find them at your local home building store. And, you don’t have to be in the middle of a building to find these beautiful fabrics. If you do find them in a fabric store, look for bolts of fabric with gold designs or patterns. You can also work with what’s available in your own home and create your own fabric at home. It’s a great project with which to add a little bit of color and texture to your home.
Dresser cloths are great accent pieces. They can add color, texture and a fun pattern to your home. You can even use them as place mats, table runners, cuffs for dress shirts or even throw pillows.
As you might expect, fabric comes in many different colors and patterns. For every design and every color of fabric you choose, consider how you will use it in your home. It may be good to use the fabric’s color and pattern in your room. You can also use it as an accent or as a coordinating piece among other pieces.
When choosing a fabric, consider the colors you already own. You may find that your colors work well together, so look for fabrics that are similar in nature and tone. Fabric with a lot of pattern can compete too much with your colors, so choose a fabric that is soft and subtle rather than busy and bright.
You can even choose a pattern that matches your wallpaper. This might be a good choice if you have a patterned wall. You can also do this if you don’t have any patterned fabric from your home. You might also want to consider how the fabric will add interest to the room and not compete with the room’s color or other pieces of furniture.

chintz fabric by the yard
chintz fabric by the yard