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Part 1: Welcome to Fear of God: A Christian Online Community

This article is a walking tour of the FEAR OF GOD community on Christian social networking site, FaceBook. The self-described “comedy and faith community” has gained over 200,000 followers since its inception in 2009. Members engage in an ongoing dialogue about their personal religious views, politics, faith debates and so on.
“Fear Of God is a comedy and faith community”
fear of god the loafer: “Part 1: Welcome to Fear of God: A Christian Online Community”: (
“Over 200,000 people have joined this Christian Facebook group which is dedicated to increasing the fear of God through laughter.”
http://www.coedmagazine. com/news/2013/03/21/facebooks-fear-of-god-trolls-trolls-trolls

fear of god the loafer
fear of god the loafer

Part 2: What is a Loafer?

Loafers (usually spelled as “loafer”) have been a part of American culture dating back to the early 1900s. The shoe was first worn by the wealthy and city slickers who would go down to the local pool hall to play some games of billiards or horse shoes. These pool players would not have had their own table, but instead would play on the boards at the local pool hall. The term loafer was used to describe these players because they were not engaged in any productive work and instead played billiards or horse shoes all day long.
The meaning of the word “loafer” has expanded in recent years to encompass any person who is not productive. The term is often used to describe an individual who is unemployed, but chooses not to seek employment, and spends all day at home watching television.

fear of god the loafer
fear of god the loafer

Part 3 Trust the Bible Alone

I’ve never been under the impression that people necessarily use their brains when it comes to religion, but I simply cannot believe what I’m reading now. In a world where one in five Americans don’t even know the Earth revolves around the Sun, you’d think they would at least understand that Christianity is the only true religion. When I see one so-called “Christian” group after another claiming that the other group is not truly Christian, I realize that Christians in general just want to feel good about themselves. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-esteem, but if you’re a Christian, it should come from within.
I’ve read some of the previous articles in this series and I was amazed at how much those so-called “Christians” had claimed that this whole false religion thing didn’t really matter. Many Christians have been saying, “Well you can believe whatever you want to believe, as long as you’re doing it in Jesus’ name.” I’m surprised they haven’t said, “And if people don’t like what we believe or do, well tough shit!” Unfortunately that’s the mindset many Christians have when it comes to their faith.
In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the Bible and the historical context surrounding it. It’s going to be a difficult task to get through, because so many people want to claim that the Bible is true/false because they were told that by “God” when they were a child. However, we’re going to prove it all wrong. Here goes:
The word “Bible” actually means “books”. The Bible is actually a collection of books written by over 40 different authors of differing backgrounds. The Bible was not written by God, but was instead written by men.
The First Book: Genesis
Some people claim that the first book, called “Genesis”, is the word of God. Let’s take a closer look:

fear of god the loafer
fear of god the loafer

Part 4 The Truth About God’s Holy Word

I hear people say that the Bible is a “living” book, and that God’s will changes over time. But don’t believe it. Unless you believe everything in the Bible, you’re not a Christian. The Bible is the only thing God ever wrote down himself (and even then he had to use Moses). And God used his own words when he told us what he saw on the day of his death- “It is finished”. (John 19:30) There are no additional books to add to the Bible that can make it more correct. Unfortunately, some Christians have never read the Bible themselves because they don’t want to be forced to think about what they’ve been saying all their lives. They are afraid to study because they don’t know very much about it.
The Bible is not a collection of stories. This is important to understand because many people hear the word “Bible” and think it contains only stories like Aesop’s Fables, or myths and legends like those found in the book of Norse myths or Greek mythology. Their minds picture cartoons, castles, kings and queens, fights between gods and giants. But the Bible contains no cartoons. All stories contained in the Bible are true. Don’t believe this just because someone tells you it’s true. You must read the Bible and understand what it says for yourself.

fear of god the loafer
fear of god the loafer

Positive Reactions from Atheists and Agnostics to the State of Religion Today

For over a year now I’ve been living in the great state of Colorado. I moved here from California where people are obsessed with religion. The worst part about living in California is that it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with anybody about (Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism) because everybody is so wrapped up in their religious views. Now being surrounded by real Americans for the first time since I left college, I can finally have an intelligent conversation about why those other people are wrong.
“For example, I explained to a group of guys down at the local pub how religion was a serious problem for the American people. They were shocked to hear that (Democrats, Independents and Republicans) could be so wrong about such an easy subject. I tried to give them a quick summary of what makes us different but it was too much for them. Finally I told them that we atheists only believe in things we can actually see and they seemed to understand what I was saying. Pretty soon they were arguing amongst themselves about why they should be the ones to teach the proper morals and ethics to our children. I watched in fascination as my new friends started fighting each other over who should be allowed to tell kids how to live their lives.”

fear of god the loafer
fear of god the loafer