The Real Story of Why Stranger Things Star Sean Astin Missed His Own Movie Premiere


Introduction: Stranger Things Star Sean Astin Leaves Set of Upcoming Sequel “Stranger Things 3” Heading to London to Star in Broadway Musical “Neverland,” Accidentally Missing Upcoming Premiere

According to the Daily Mail , “He’s making his debut in the role of Mr. James Hook, a pirate who is described as ‘a very charismatic and formidable villain’ who is also ‘eccentric and charming.’ The show is on Broadway and it’s directed by Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus.”
The Telegraph also reported: “He said: ‘It’s a happy coincidence that I’ve done this and I just want to say to any TV fans out there don‘t worry about me, the Stranger Things 3 premieres looks incredible.’ He added jokingly: ‘I think we can safely say with these two stints that Sean Astin is officially an actor for hire. I’m done with Broadway’.” [ARTICLE END]

actor sean of stranger things clue
actor sean of stranger things clue

Why Did Stranger Things’ Sean Astin Have to Leave the Set of Season 3 for a Broadway Comeback?

The reason that Stranger Things star Sean Astin had to leave the set of season three is because he was chosen for a Broadway production. Sean Astin is going to be starring in the Broadway production, “His Dark Materials,” a play based on the novels by Phillip Pullman.
The book is based on a series of novels written by Pullman. The books are set between two parallel universes: one in which humans can only see colors; and another in which humans see shapes. The themes presented in the books deal with questions of faith, love, hope, and fear.
Sean Astin plays the lead character Lyra Belacqua who has been “deceived by her parents after she discovers an otherworldly item” (Pullman).
The other main character in the story is Will Parry who is an ordinary boy. He meets Lissa, a girl of no religious beliefs, who becomes the closest person to him because she comes from a family of believers.
As to when the play will be made available for viewing, it’s hard to say for sure. Possibly soon though. The presale period has already begun for those wanting to get tickets now. The play is set to open on March 30th at the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway.
For more information on the play, visit the Wikipedia article titled “His Dark Materials”

actor sean of stranger things clue
actor sean of stranger things clue

Sean Astin’s New Life Story That Has Already Been Written

According to IMDb , “In the summer of 2017, Sean Astin’s life was changed when he was asked to audition for a new show called Stranger Things . A cult science-fiction fantasy-horror series about a peculiar small town and the even more peculiar people who live there. He plays Bob Newby, Joyce Byers’ ( Winona Ryder ) boyfriend. In the summer of 2018, he was cast in his first Broadway play as Mr. James Hook in “His Dark Materials”. By December, he was cast in a recurring role on the CW’s “Riverdale” as Jacques “The Snowman” Menendez.” ,
In the fall of 2018, Astin will be playing Derek in a revival of “The Addams Family”, and has signed on to star in three films: John Carter , Mary Magdalene , and The Oscar Wilde Story . He is also slated to star as “Kirk Gleasons” in Rosemary’s Baby .

actor sean of stranger things clue
actor sean of stranger things clue

Sean Astin’s New Life – An Actor Turned Musician Who Is Ready to Give Back After Trauma and Glory Days

Sean Astin’s personal life and career were well-documented during his career. In the early 2000s, he was known for his comedic roles even being called “King of the Nerd” in some circles. He was also known for starring in a few well-known TV shows such as: The League, Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer . But when he started to become more serious about his career, he went a different route.
He left the spotlight for almost a decade and became more involved in his music. He released an album on his own label called “Book of Lies” which acted as a follow-up to the movie “The Goonies”.
The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, only behind Nine Inch Nails and Young The Giant.
It was produced and mixed by Steve Lillywhite who has worked with acts like U2, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

actor sean of stranger things clue
actor sean of stranger things clue