The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Implications for Humanity and the Global Economy



The world is nearing a crisis, led by a villainous mastermind of global proportions: The Grand Wizzard. He’s been spending the last few decades executing his plan for world domination that he calls “The End Game.” To accomplish his plan, he’s been systematically eliminating all opposition in the form of countries around the world that have either challenged him or had the potential for challenging him. In essence, he’s been eliminating both heroes and villains alike in a global purge. It’s been a success. Nobody has been able to stop him from annexing several countries and gaining control over virtually all of them. To date, he’s eliminated 3/4ths of the planet’s population, but before he can finish his plan, a singular event happens — an event that not even he predicted.
A new villain emerges with seemingly limitless potential — the Overseer. The Overseer has been developing his own plan that is actually complementary to The Grand Wizzard’s plan. While The Grand Wizzard has been systematically eliminating opposition to his reign, The Overseer has been systematically eliminating the world’s population.
The two villains have different motivations:

crisis of the world eater
crisis of the world eater

Where was AI Technology Used in 2016? What Projects Are Successful?

The following article will link to all known AI development technologies and projects from the internet. To read the full monthly summary of AI development, see here:
This article will open with a summary of all known AI development on a global scale. It will then link to the monthly projects in 2016 and an overview of each month’s developments. The article will then close with news items, events and milestones that happened in 2016.
Summary : AI Development in 2016 saw a continued increase in use of machine learning and deep learning techniques, especially within healthcare , finance , cybersecurity , autonomous vehicles , energy and smart cities . The number of AI projects on a global scale continues to increase. The most important development in November 2016 was Brexit , which called into question the future of Europe and calls into question the continued growth of AI related projects.
AI development, according to Google Trends, is at its highest point since 2012.
A global overview of 2016 AI Development:

crisis of the world eater
crisis of the world eater

Google’s AI-Based Search Tool is Your Best Friend

Google’s AI-powered search engine, which is known as “Google Now,” is one of the most advanced AI programs in existence. The search engine developed by Google is capable of offering suggestions on what to do based on specific user queries that are entered into the search bar. It’s also capable of recognizing emotions. With its impressive features and capabilities, it has become a great help to both Android users and Apple iPhone users worldwide. By filling your information and preferences into Google Now, you can get the most relevant search results to your queries. But what’s even more interesting is that this AI engine can now even predict your future needs, which means that it can provide you accurate information about what you should do in the near future. It has been said that Google Now is to become the best assistant a user would ever have.
Google Now (AI Assistant) as an assistant is closer to Siri than Siri is to Cortana. The difference between these two is huge, especially when you compare their capabilities and functions. Google Now, on the other hand, doesn’t just have an assistant feature. Once it starts working, it takes over your whole smartphone and provides you with all the information that you need at that moment.
In order to get Google Now as your own personal assistant, you’d have to download it from the Play Store first. For Android devices running on Android 4.0 or later versions, Google Now is easily downloadable from the Play Store for free. The process of downloading it is very simple. All you have to do is tap on “More” and search for it in the list of results that would pop up. Google Now can be downloaded right after you tap on “Get it now.”

crisis of the world eater
crisis of the world eater

What are the Best AI-Based Apps for Businesses & Professionals?

Despite the fact that AI-assisted software has led to the development of some great things, it’s very important to know that these technologies are not perfect. It is important for business owners, employees and professionals to consider their use of AI-based applications when it comes to working with customers and clients. In addition, experts are warning about the risk of overlooking possible adverse effects as well as performing actual human tests on these AI-based systems before fully trusting them. A recent survey conducted by Puppet, a company specializing in IT management software, found that nearly 1 in 5 companies have not yet discovered any long-term adverse effects from their use of AI-based software. This has encouraged the development of new tools that can help organizations assess the quality, accuracy and reliability of these software systems. Through a special research project, Puppet surveyed 2,000 companies to ask about their use of artificial intelligence-based software for tasks such as customer service agent training, automated customer support, and real-time predictive analytics. The results were revealing and it shows that most companies are treating AI-based systems as a tool with which to speed up manual tasks rather than relying on AI to make decisions on their behalf.
In the article, you can find more details.
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crisis of the world eater
crisis of the world eater

AI Startup Techies’ Favorite Intelligent Business Apps & Software

Although the term “AI” is often used to describe computer systems that are modeled after human intelligence, there are actually several types of AI technology. One type of AI is referred to as a Deep Learning system. Google’s DeepMind has created an advanced deep learning system called AlphaGo, which recently beat the world’s best player at the Chinese game of Go. It’s important to note that DeepMind is not a public company and it isn’t clear whether or not their technology will be available for other companies to use in the future. DeepMind is a private company based in London, England. is another company that is applying deep learning and machine learning to real world problems. Their goal is to improve how UI’s are developed for the new generation of mobile devices, such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass, by using these new technologies. Tacit works with large corporations, including Cadillac Motors and Target Corporation, to improve how their mobile apps work.

crisis of the world eater
crisis of the world eater