The Scoop on Cardi B’s Eating a Scab and Its Impact on Social Media


Introduction: What is the Story Behind Cardi B’s Eating a Scab?

It all started when the two-time Grammy winner, Cardi B, got a pretty nasty fall on stage during her performance on Saturday Night Live days. The rapper pulled through and finished the show but was left with an ugly gash in her cheek! But playing tough didn’t take its toll on Cardi – she went home and went to bed. And when she woke up Sunday morning, Cardi B was telling fans on social media that she had a little snack in the middle of the night. “Ooh, somebody hurt me face really bad… I went to sleep and i wake up with a sore bo**b. I have to go back to sleep cuz my face is hurting me,” she wrote. “I woke up with a sore bo**b and there was blood in my saliva
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cardi b eating a scab
cardi b eating a scab

Cardi B’s Eating of the Scab, a Symbol of Self-Love in Our Rapidly Changing Social Media World

Cardi B, known as one of the hottest and most famous rappers in the world, has for a long time been talking about how she goes through pain and suffering every day. However, it seems her level of suffering has increased recently, as especially in the last year she has talked about how she is constantly struggling with temptation to eat scabs and scars , due to painful life experiences. She has also been talking about how she is starving to a point where she is eating her own scabs. But it seems that now that Cardi B is really at her lowest point, the perfect moment for change has come.
On the 21st of December, a video was posted on Twitter by @shyvninfonet showing Cardi B eating a scab. The video shows a close up of Cardi B’s hand, as she eats what appears to be a scab from her wrist. In the background of the video, there are pictures of various tattoos and other various body parts being eaten. It seems that Cardi is self-destructing in order to stop all pain and suffering.
Credit to: @shyvninfonet
To help her heal, the video has been viewed over 77 thousand times in only three days since it was posted. This shows just how much people are hurting for Cardi B, and also the level of pain she is also in. It seems that this video is the best form of therapy for both Cardi B and her fans.

cardi b eating a scab
cardi b eating a scab

How Social Media Influences Cardi B’s Decision to Eat the Scab?

When Cardi B went on SNL this week, she nailed her performance as well as her interview with the host. The rapper is known for her quotability both in and outside of rap, and when she talked about her new song Nasty , fans immediately started to notice that she sounded like a different person. You could see it in the post-SNL interview where she was talking about how people were telling her that she wasn’t allowed to have an eating disorder because you can’t have one if you’re not anorexic. Cardi B was quick to shut down those comments, saying that people don’t understand the struggle behind eating disorders and that it’s not a choice; it’s a disease .
“When you have a disease, you’re sick, you get checked for it, and unfortunately I wasn’t checked for it,” she told the host. “[But] my eating disorder is not a choice for me, [and] I don’t have control over what I’m doing. You don’t understand… if you’re not sick, you could never understand. You could never be like me and go through this struggle.”
It’s hard to argue with Cardi B on this one, but it seems like she’s got a small crush on this disease. On Instagram Stories, the rapper recently posted a video where a friend highlights how much she loves her scabs and goes into detail on the power of scars . “When I get my scar I become powerful,” she said in the clip while laughing. She also explained that people who have eating disorders are often attracted to their own supposed “disgusting scars” for the same reason we love our imperfections.

cardi b eating a scab
cardi b eating a scab

How Did People React to Cardi B’s Eating of the Scab Online?

Cardi B was also quick to shut down the criticism she received after posting a video of herself eating scar tissue, as well as a video of her with the same scab in her mouth. She spoke about this on Instagram, saying that she isn’t proud of it and that people need to understand that it’s not a lifestyle. She has addressed that this is something she will continue to deal with, which is evident from the fact that she is still eating the scab.
In the same video, she also said that she is open about her condition and that she wants to be seen as a positive role model. The reality television personality is speaking out ahead of her new record, which will be called Invasion of Privacy. She says that this album will discuss important issues and topics, including drug abuse and mental health. This album will have a lot of suspense and it’s going to have controversial topics all over it.

cardi b eating a scab
cardi b eating a scab