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Introduction: What makes a good list?

The following blog article compares some lists to figure out what makes a good list. As you’ve likely learned, there are many different types of lists to compare. Below, I’ll discuss some common types of list and then compare the three I have chosen: priority, topical, and chronological. The first step to making any list is to identify the type of list you are creating. Here are some examples of common types that I’d consider: a priority list (1. run for election 2. make friends 3. learn new skills) a topical list (what to do for homework: 1. read the chapter 2. write an outline 3. complete practice problems) a chronological list (what to do today: 1. get up 2. exercise 3. work on project) Any of these types can be used to create different kinds of lists. I’ll compare each with a list of the same type, but not using the specific topic as its focus (the kind of lists you could find in any book or website): 1. long-term (for example, a study guide for an upcoming exam) 2. midterm (a study guide for an upcoming midterm) 3. short-term/high stakes (immediate/important pressure situation – do not include this under any other heading). 4. in-the-moment (what to do right now) A list can be any of these types. For example, a priority list could be a study guide, while a topical list could be in-the-moment, and so on.

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every kin list got the

Top 10 List 1: The Best Book To Read If You Like Harry Potter

This is a very common type of list, and it’s probably the type of list you are creating right now. This list can be used to find what books would be best for literature students in high school, college students looking to read a good book on their summer break, or adults who like to read a good book. A typical list like this is categorized under the subject of reading.
This type of list is also very helpful for people who are new to a certain genre or subject. They can be extremely helpful in deciding what genres a reader would like and dislike. This is why this list is so common, being so helpful for many people. By finding the top 10 or 100 books you like, it can help you find even more books that are just right for you!
Hopkins High School, an upper-level division school with over 2000 students in grades 9-12 that is located in Minneapolis, MN. This list is created by many students at this school, who found a love for reading after the school provided the students with several book donations for the class to read and discover. These classes are based on many genres that are not typically in high school, such as fiction but also have a lot of different types of books, such as mystery, thriller, and sci-fi.

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every kin list got the

Top 10 List 2: The Greatest TV Shows From the 1950s-1960s

This list is very similar to the first one, but it has a different purpose. This list can be used to identify what TV shows are popular among high school students and adults. I assume anyone reading this will probably have some experience in the 50s-60s and may want to know what TV shows were big during that time period. I would consider this a list of TV shows instead of a reading list.
Movies of the 50s:
10. 9 to 5 (9/5/1963)
9. Roman Holiday (1953)
8. Some Like Them Hot (1959)
7. The Music Man (1962)
6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) [the version with Audrey Hepburn]
5. The Apartment (1960)
4. Funny Face (1957)
3. The African Queen (1951 and 1955)
2. The Shop Around the Corner (1940) [you could consider this one]
1. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) [you should consider it as a movie!]
Movies of the 60s:
10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) [this time with Richard Burton]
9. Brewster’s Millions (1950) [based on a true story]
8. The Graduate (1967) [with Dustin Hoffman]

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every kin list got the

Top 10 List 3: The 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood Today

This is a list that compares different celebrities to see who is most powerful out of them all. This list is probably used for entertainment development, such as in the case of selecting actors for future movies. A list like this would help executives in the movie industry by helping them decide which celebrities to use in the creation of their movie. As you can see, there are different types of list out there. You may think these types of lists are very common to the average person, but I hope this blog article was helpful in comparing some of the most common types of lists. I’d like to conclude this post with a question that I think makes a good list: “How to make a good list?” I hope this article was helpful in putting together a more in depth list of the different types of celebrity lists you can create. And don’t forget to contribute your own list by leaving a comment. Happy Listmaking!
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“Part 5″:The 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood Today” (Cont.2)
“Part 6″:The 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood Today” (Cont.2) / / /20160111175433

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every kin list got the

Top 10 List 4: The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written

This is one of my favorite list types. I think this is a list that everyone who reads should make. However, this isn’t a list you can make quickly or casually, but rather you need to take your time to really enjoy the books you read and really think on what makes a good book. This is a very subjective list that differs from person to person depending on the types of books they like to read. This list is based on my own opinion, and I am sure many of you will disagree with me. The books are not listed in any order, that would be too hard. Feel free to post your own lists and discuss. And as always if you have a question or a suggestion, or just feel like commenting on the list feel free to leave a response and I will get back to you. Enjoy this list.
1-The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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every kin list got the