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Introduction: We Live in a Post-Generation Generation Today. Why is it so?

most famous for their technological savviness, the millennial generation has become accustomed to instant gratification and the constant stream of information. Today, there is no such thing as “I don’t know how to do that”, because the internet has become a natural part of everyday life. However, this generation has also been dubbed the “Post-Generation Generation”. So what is causing this transition? And more importantly, what are its implications?
In this article we will try to answer these questions. We will examine one element that could be behind the transition and its consequences- information access online and technology’s role in it.

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What is the Difference Between Genuine and Résumé Writing & Cover Letters?

The résumé and cover letter writing, expressing a particular set of skills, abilities and personality traits which assist in the accomplishment of a particular job, are what the genuine writing is supposed to achieve. As long as you fulfill the goals of these two, you are good to go in writing. What is the difference between genuine and résumé writing?
The résumé is a document that contains all of your skills and accomplishments in the form of a chronology. It should allow you to present yourself in a way that will position you as the best possible choice for the job. The cover letter is meant to express how you would most likely be able to accomplish the goals set forth by your résumé. Here, you are demonstrating exactly what skills and abilities would help you be successful at doing the job.
Genuine is defined as ‘being real, especially of a specified kind’. Genuine writing is honest. It portrays a writer who has the skills and abilities to perform a job or task. This type of writing is an attempt to produce effective writing that comes from your heart and soul.

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How Long Does It Take to Write a 30 Second Video – An Easy Money Maker Opportunity!

The reason why many people fail to be successful is because they lack the necessary skills in other fields of knowledge, such as: how to make a video in a short time and livestream it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, how to promote it so that as much people as possible are aware of the video and watch it, how to monetize from the video.
It consists of 3 simple steps:
Step 1. Post a video of one minute or less that explains how the product works. The video has to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at once. You can post it for free on and get it shared automatically on all the social media channels you want (see step 2).
Step 2. The video has to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at once. On the same day you have to send links of the video on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to the prospects. You can use a free service on for that purpose (see step 3).

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How I Made $80k Selling My Own YouTube Videos

I was helping my friend with his new laptop. It was a budget laptop from HP but it had a lot of potential and wasn’t that bad for the price (being like $400). I created my own channel on youtube and started to upload videos about how to make youtube videos. I created a few videos and then I started to sell them as a package.
It was a $97 package with 4 videos and I was making almost $1000 a day. People would buy my videos and were able to create their own youtube channel pretty easy with my help.
I made over 80k in 1 month and it didn’t take much work at all. I bought a domain name (, bought some cheap themes for the site and started to promote it aggressively on forums, see example 1 below:
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Why Are Hiring People Who Write Resumes And Cover Letters Backwards?

The main reason for this is because of the limited skills which you can convey by using a resume or a cover letter to get an interview. They are designed to showcase what you have mastered so far, and from that point forward, it’s up to the interviewer to consider your skills and characteristics wanted in the position. A cover letter or a resume does not guarantee that you will land the job.
The reason why you’re not ready yet to land a job is because your resume would have been compared with the existing database of all the candidates who have applied for the same position. The section of the database that contains THIS applicant’s name may not have enough of points to get a job in this particular business, so that’s why you are not getting it.
But after all of this, you still insist that the hiring manager is to blame, and then you criticize him by saying “You are probably just not looking in the right place…” or “Why do you even have so many requirements?”
The hiring manager is doing his best to find a good fit for that opening. Now, this is not his fault if you don’t have the skills to meet it. But still, he is also to blame for not making his job advertisement clear enough… anyway, let’s just stay on our track.

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