The Ultimate Guide to Dresses with Built-in Bra


Introduction: What is a Dress with Built-in Bra?

A dress with a built-in bra is a dress or jumpsuit that comes with a bra already sewn into the chest area. The design typically features strapless cups for support, but sometimes built-in bras can be seen in longline designs and halter necklines as well. This article looks at dresses with built-in bras for summer 2015, and why you will want to be wearing them!
The beginning of built-in bras was in the mid-seventies and they have been popular ever since. The reasons for their popularity is varied. They are often preferred by smaller-breasted women, who have found that they give a more secure fit than other bras. The secret lies in the bra’s construction: because it is built into the dress, there is no chance of spillage over the top of otherwise too-low necklines. When shopping for a dress with a built-in bra, the first thing to look at is the design of the chest area. This determines whether you need any support, as well as how you will secure the bra.

dresses with built in bra
dresses with built in bra