The Ultimate Guide to Gaga Long Wear Lip Pencils


Introduction: What’s the Difference Between a Lip Pencil and a Lipstick?

Lip pencils are designed specifically to be applied on top of lipstick, while lipsticks are designed as an all-over coverage across the lips. Because the aim of a lipstick is to provide an all-over coverage, it usually doesn’t come in as many shades as lip pencils, which are designed to be used on top of lipstick. Lip pencils come in a variety of colors, and are often applied to top of lipstick to bold a lipstick’s original color or to create a new color altogether. Lip pencils are long lasting and often provide protective qualities, while lipsticks tend to be more messy and susceptible to sagging over time. With the right application knowledge, lipsticks can be used in much the same way as lip pencils, creating new colors or enhancing the color of any lipstick underneath.
Lipstick as an all-over coverage

gaga long wear lip pencil
gaga long wear lip pencil

The Truth Behind Why You Should be Wearing a Long Wear Lip Pencil

It is regular to use a lipstick that has a flat base and then apply the liquid lipstick on top of it. However, if you are going to wear the lipstick every day, having a lip pencil on top of it will provide more durability to the lipstick. It also helps in maintaining the shape of your lips. Rather than buying a lipstick and a lip pencil separately, you can just pick up one lip pencil that has the features of both.
There are already many options available in the market, but this particular product is not any lip pencil. It has the unique shape of a lipstick, so it can be applied on top of a lipstick for more durability and color variety. The best thing about this product is that it has a camouflage finish and it will gradually merge with your natural lips until they become invisible. What’s more? The long wear lip pencil will provide a shiny look to your lips without being overly shiny or glossy.

gaga long wear lip pencil
gaga long wear lip pencil

How a Long Wear Lip Pencil Can Make Your Life Easier

Ever tried applying a lipstick that has too much color on your lips? Wearing a long wear lip pencil will help you apply the right color of lipstick without having an uneven look. For example, if you want to wear a lipstick that is lighter in color, you can apply the lip pencil that’s darker in shade first, then apply the lipstick on top of it. This will ensure an even color distribution across your lips.
There are different shades of lip pencils and you can choose the color that suits you best based on your skin tone. If you have a deeper complexion, a light shade will match your lips while if you have an olive undertone, a deep shade of lip pencil will work well with your lips.
There are some people who may put too much makeup on their faces even though they are wearing nude shades; this is because they want to look radiant and beautiful in photos. In order to have a natural look in photos, it is best if you avoid applying too much makeup.
When it comes to applying a lip pencil, wearing nude shades looks natural and you will not get that monster look like what some people get when they wear too much makeup. However, you can still look good in photos even when you don’t wear any makeup. Just make sure that your skin is well taken care of before applying lipstick because this will help keep your lips moisturized and healthy.
You can also choose a lip pencil that has the same shade of lipstick. This will help maintain the moisture of your lips while giving you an even distribution of lipstick that won’t make your lips seem like you have uneven color distribution.

gaga long wear lip pencil
gaga long wear lip pencil

Why You’re Probably Buying The Wrong Color of ‘Gaga’ Lips

When choosing a lip pencil, it is usually recommended to consult a makeup artist who will help you pick the right shade and represent your skin tone. This way you’ll get the best color that’s appropriate for you. When it comes to picking a lip pencil that matches your skin tone, there are basically three tones: warm, cool, and neutral. It’s important that you choose the right tone of lip pencil to match your skin tone since it will determine whether or not the lipstick you are going to apply on top of it will suit you.
Each tone of skin has its own particular range of color from the palest one, to the darkest one. When you choose your lip pencil, look for your skin tone’s color range.
Warm-toned makeup artists recommend warm-toned lip pencils for very light skinned clients who go for a deep pink or red lip application. It is recommended to try a deep red or coral color since these colors are most suitable for very fair skin tones. This kind of lipstick will make you appear more tan than pale.
Cool-toned makeup artists recommend cool-toned lip pencils for every skin tone. It is recommended to pick a light berry color for a really pale skin tone. This will make you appear more tanned than pale.
Neutral-toned makeup artists recommend neutral lip pencils for every skin tone. It is recommended to pick a neutral shade of brown color in order to make you appear less tanned than pale.
If you are not sure which kind of lip pencil you should use, go with a neutral color as your base. This will even out the color tone of your lips and make them appear less tanned than pale.

gaga long wear lip pencil
gaga long wear lip pencil

How to Apply a Long Wear Lip Pencil the Right Way Every Time

STEP 1: Pick up the lip pencil and rub it across your lips to determine the right shade. You can also apply a lip brush that has the same color as your lipstick or choose an alternative that’s lighter or darker.
STEP 2: Apply the lip pencil to the inner part of your bottom lip. Repeat with the upper lip. Use light strokes to fill in any gaps.
STEP 3: Use a lip brush to fill in any areas that are still bare with lipstick and lightly blend away any harsh lines until there is an even coverage of color. Check every once in a while to ensure there’s no smudging or smearing of the lipstick.
STEP 4: Use a tissue to blot away any excess lip color, especially around the edges of your mouth. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding into your skin and around your mouth.
STEP 5: Apply a thin layer of clear gloss on top of the lipstick to prevent it from smudging or wearing off.
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gaga long wear lip pencil
gaga long wear lip pencil