Toddler’s Heartbreaking Reaction to Seeing Ashley Graham in Black Lingerie


Introduction: Toddler’s Heartbreaking Reaction to Seeing Ashley Graham in Black Lingerie

This is a story about a toddler in black lingerie. More accurately it’s about an adorable little girl who didn’t know what to do when she saw Ashley Graham in her underwear. If you’re like me, this toddler’s reaction will melt your heart.
(NOTE: this is not exactly a “story,” it’s more of a blog post.)
You’re never going to believe what happened to me today. I was in Target, minding my own business (looking at toys and planning my next trip to Marc Jacob’s, obvs), when I came face-to-face with this little girl. She looked like she was about four years old. She had her mom in tow, and the little girl was just staring at Ashley Graham. I walked over and asked her what she was looking at, she pointed to Ashley’s clothing section (you know, because of course every four-year-old has been here before!). A few minutes later, her mom looked at me (through tears!) with this look on her face:
“that woman is wearing a thong! Why would you let your toddler see that!!?”

ashley graham in black lingerie
ashley graham in black lingerie

A Brief History of Ashley Graham and Black Lingeries

Ashley Graham came onto the modeling scene as a plus-sized model in 2012 and has become one of the most recognizable people in the world by her appearances on the cover of countless magazines. Many people have spotted Ashley, who is from South Carolina, donning leggings and dresses with lace accents while doing television spots and promotional work. Despite her size, she has been revered as a positive example of a plus-sized person. Ashley has been the face of many prominent clients such as Old Navy and she has been featured in a steady list of successful fashion and beauty campaigns.

ashley graham in black lingerie
ashley graham in black lingerie

Ashley Graham Body Shaming Accusations & Her Response to the Criticism

Graham’s response to the criticism has been, “I’m never going to be perfect enough for people, and I’m OK with that.”
Many of the negative comments on her post are sexist, she is “opting out” from the internet by not responding to them.
The article also talks about how she is sorry for any people who have been hurt in the past and wants to break down walls for everyone. Graham has shared that one of her goals is equality in all forms, meaning that anyone should be able to feel beautiful regardless of their size or gender.
She says that her critics are not the ones she is worried about but the older generation. She says that the younger generation can help change those things and be a voice for change in society.
“I want to make dressing up a more inclusive thing. I want to make it less of a feminine thing and more of an individualistic thing. If I can do something to help make people feel better about themselves, then I’ve accomplished my goal.” Graham said during an interview with Billboard Magazine last year (2018).
“ashley graham in black lingerie” : “Ashley Graham Body Shaming Accusations & Her Response to the Criticism”

ashley graham in black lingerie
ashley graham in black lingerie

The Impact of Body Image on Women and Children

The body shaming that Graham has faced took place at the same time that studies were released describing the negative impact of “body shaming” on women and children. In a TEDx presentation, a psychological researcher noted that “the human brain is extremely efficient at finding patterns and predicting the future. When we see something it’s difficult to look away.” The researcher was referencing a study that found that “advertisements depicting girls as young and skinny with little fat or wrinkles in the face caused boys’ brains to see them as older and heavier, with more wrinkles.” That study was done with teenagers but the implications are inescapable. As the study notes, “we have already seen changes in perception of women’s bodies worldwide that have been attributed to media.”
The TEDx lecture presented Graham as a beautiful example of the potential for change. “I don’t mind being tall and skinny,” the presenter explained, “but what I do object to is being constantly reminded of it, over and over again, by television, movies and the Internet.”
As Graham told The Guardian, she had actually started her career as a model to combat that kind of negative attention. “I had a different bone structure and a different face,” she said. “I would go to castings and people would be like: ‘Wow, you are not what we expected.’ That is the right response.”
“It’s important that we show all women that there is room for them in the industry, no matter their size or shape, skin colour or race,” Graham explained.

ashley graham in black lingerie
ashley graham in black lingerie

Surprising Psychology Behind Toddlers Reactions & How It Can Be Fixed

The toddler’s actions made quite a bit of sense, but the real news isn’t how smart she was. She also showed that while some fashion modeling is unhealthy, public criticism of models can be used to lead to important conversations.
The toddler is little, but she has big shoes to fill. That’s because her mother, Ashley Graham, is the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover star — and the first model to appear on the front of the publication in 21 years. The public can hardly wait to see what little Ashley will wear next.
After all, 2014 was a big year for Graham and this old-fashioned form of modeling: Graham landed a leading role in an episode of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth (season 4 starts Jan. 14.); she took home the coveted title of Best Model at the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; and she even graced the cover of Time magazine.
But in many ways, Graham’s big year is just getting started. Not only did Graham — a lifelong model — shoot to fame with her appearance on the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but she also played a major role in pushing through a new law to protect models.
On Jan. 10, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into effect a new law that requires all models to obtain a special health care certificate from a doctor stating that the models are either fit to work or fit for weight loss surgery before they can appear in any ad, show or other modeling event.

ashley graham in black lingerie
ashley graham in black lingerie