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Implementing the Datepicker Feature in WordPress

Enough talk, let’s get to it. We’re going to add a feature to WordPress called “date picker” in this post, but before we do any of that, we’ll create a custom post type and a plugin.
The custom post type and plugin will be used to make the datepicker work. WordPress handles posts, but for this we want a post type called “Events” with four fields: Title, Start Date, End Date, and Venue. Each field will also have a label so users know what each field is for.
Then we’ll call the datepicker using PHP in functions.php. WordPress already has a function that does useful things for a custom post type, so we can start with that.
Next, we’ll create the datepicker plugin then add a page template and page template loop that will allow us to display the datepicker in our posts.

girl white button down shirt
girl white button down shirt

A Great Feature for On-Site Search Engines Like Google & Bing

But WordPress is not mobile-friendly out-of-the-box. So a great feature of this date picker code is that it will make your site responsive and mobile-friendly. Plus, you can use it to create a datepicker for any type of content. Now you are able to show dates in your post and make it easy for people to search on Google or Bing.
So what would WordPress CMS do if they had this feature? It would make searching on the site easier and most important, more profitable! More revenue means better features and an overall improved experience for your audience.
If you want to start a blog today, I recommend starting with WordPress because it is the best platform out there for entrepreneurs. With over 50 million users worldwide, WordPress is easy to use and allows you to create an online community with ease.
Now, let’s take a look at how to implement a cool datepicker using CSS3. This jQuery plugin can really make your site stand out from the rest!
Take a look at this example:

girl white button down shirt
girl white button down shirt

How to Improve Your RSS Feeds with X-Feed Generating Software and Plugins!

Ok, so we have a custom post type called “date picker” and we are now going to make a plugin. WordPress plugins are really easy to make and they are going to save you time in the long-run. And this plugin will be used to generate X-feeds (also called PR6 feeds) for search engines.
Here are some of the other WordPress plugins that are going to be used:
WP-PageNavi: Is a super simple plugin where you can create a one column navigation block that will show your site/blog entries. Also, it will be used to create the menu bar on the right side of your site. This plugin is really cool because all you have to do is enter in “the name of your posttype” and it will automatically determine what posts are displaying. Very cool! You can download this here.
WP-PageNavi is one of the plugins that will be used for the plugin.
X-Feed: Is a free plugin that does exactly what it says and generates an X-feed for your site. You can get this here.
X-Feed is the next plugin that will be used for this project.
WP-Feedburner: Is a free plugin that will be used to give you the ability to submit and manage your feeds. You can download this here.
WP-Feedburner is one of the plugins that will be used for this project.

girl white button down shirt
girl white button down shirt

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So we are going to add a plugin called “datepicker-x-feed-generator”. Make sure you install this plugin. And we are also going to specify in the plugin settings that we want it to generate X-feeds.
And we are going to make sure it only shows our widget in the widget area. So when you click on the widget area, you should be able to see a datepicker and type in your start date and also choose if you want it to generate an X-feed or not. And then we are going to add a preview image for this page as well. So now, if we go back up here, grab that orange box and drag that below the widget area. And since we dragged it there, we are going to tell it that the next section is an image. And then you can see right down here, our preview image pop-up.

girl white button down shirt
girl white button down shirt