What are the Best Line Skirts for Every Budget?


Introducing the History of the Lined Skirt

The lined skirt has an interesting history. It is a centuries-old garment with roots in Renaissance Italy and France, where it was mostly worn by women of the upper class or professionals who could wear a tailored gown regularly. The original purpose of the lined skirt was to offer extra warmth during cold seasons, which led to the creation of long skirts that gathered at the waistline like crinolines. It was not until the 19th century that the fashion started gaining popularity amongst working class women in England, where they were called “petticoats”. In 16th-century Italy, most ladies preferred long sleeves and white petticoat skirts to more elaborate gowns. National costume of English women from the mid-17th century featured a white petticoat under the gown. So wearing layers of petticoats to attain extra warmth and an elegant silhouette was a popular style in Italy.
Between the 16th and 18th centuries, French court fashion favored a long skirt with layers of petticoats. In the late 17th century, skirts were narrowed at the hem to highlight an elaborate underskirt [2]. These pleated underskirts were called “pagoda sleeves” and became a key element in fashion for almost two hundred years [5]. Nowadays, pagoda sleeves can still be seen in many Asian fashion styles such as Lolita and Harajuku.

a line skirts for work
a line skirts for work

What to Consider When Buying a Lined Skirt?

Only a few choices are possible when it comes to buying lined skirts as there are no other styles out there. However, you can choose to buy your lined skirt in different lengths and materials, including silk, satin and gauze. The type of lining you will wear depends on the kind of style you want to create. The length of the skirt you choose is also a very important factor to consider when buying a lined skirt. A long, floor-length lined skirt is the most versatile style for various occasions, such as weddings and formal gatherings.You can choose to purchase this kind of skirt all year round, save for summer when a short lined skirt may be more suitable. For instance, you can wear a long lined skirt in the summer as you play golf, but you will be disappointed with yourself if it rains and you find out that you are wearing your favourite wool skirt.

a line skirts for work
a line skirts for work

10 Best Budget-Friendly Lined Skirts You Can Get Right Now

Buying a lined skirt can be quite difficult; there are very few styles and color choices available. However, you can still find several budget-friendly options that are available on the market right now. These clothes are made from neutral colors such as black and brown and feature lining in a variety of materials, such as organza and silk. These clothes can be purchased for more than $50 but are very affordable especially if you compare them with the original price of these items. The following is a description of our favorite budget-friendly lined skirts priced under $100 or less.
1. Satin Lined Pencil Skirt [for A/W 2013]
The Satin Lined Pencil Skirt from Kiss The Sky is a very stylish option for ladies who want to be fashionable without having to pay high prices for it. This skirt features an asymmetrical hemline and a classic pencil silhouette. The skirt is made from stretch cotton satin, which is great not only for its comfort but also for its durability. With this skirt, you can wear it to work and feel confident about the way you look.
Price: $59.99
2. Wool Lined Pencil Skirt [for A/W 2013]

a line skirts for work
a line skirts for work

10 Best Luxury Line Skirts To Try This Summer

Linen and silk are the two most common materials used to manufacture lined skirts. Both fabrics are very soft and light but also can be used to make a variety of different styles. For example, you can wear silk lined skirts with a sparkling white t-shirt or linen lined skirts with a black vest or a blazer. What is more, you can pair your linen and silk lined skirt with many different kinds of accessories, such as jewelry and shoes. You can choose to wear your tailored long skirt since it offers extra warmth during winter. Some women also like to wear satin lined skirts to create a formal or elegant look. However, most of the time, you may want to accessorize your linen and silk lined skirt with other clothes in order to make your outfit appear more fashionable and stylish. Similarly, satin lined skirts are perfect for prom afternoons when you want to look like a princess but still remain comfortable by wearing pajamas.
Women’s long linen and silk lined skirt with long sleeves: [link]
Women’s fitted and long sleeved satin lined skirts: [link]
Women’s classic satin lined skirt: [link]
* * * * * * * * * *

a line skirts for work
a line skirts for work

How to Put Together Your Own Line Skirt Look in 5 Easy Steps

Lined skirts can cost a lot of money, especially if they are made from luxury fabrics. Despite the high price tag, these skirts are worth investing in because they look great with all kinds of clothes and accessories. For example, you can wear your plain white t-shirt and your favorite pair of boots with your lined skirt. However, if you have an outfit that is more formal, you may want to accessorize your outfit with other clothes such as a pair of pumps and a blazer so that your look remains balanced and casual in the end. You can also combine your lined skirt with a pair of simple white shorts and a black blouse. You can wear the combination on many occasions like weekends or drives out to the country, where the weather is not very cold.
As you can see, lined skirts are versatile and you can use them in all types of outfits. In this article, I will teach you how to put together your own lined skirt outfit.
1. Preparing Your Clothes
When preparing your clothes for a lined skirt look, think about the type of occasion you will be going to such as whether it is a formal or informal event or whether it is a weekend excursion or an occasion when you want to dress up a bit. If it is a formal evening, put on some casual shoes and accessorize with a matching purse and earrings. If it is a weekend outing or a drive out to the country, put on comfortable shoes as you are going to be walking around or driving for most of the time. After getting dressed for the day, take out your lined skirt from the closet.
2. Choosing a Skirt

a line skirts for work
a line skirts for work