What are the Different Types of Smiley Face Nail Art?


The Diverse Styles of Smiley Face Nails for You to Try

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an outfit is that you’re confident in it. If you’re going out, do what you would normally do, but add your black nails with smiley face manicure. It might help to have a small piece of cardboard with you so that if you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you can hold it over the nail polish. This is a great way to feel confident in your outfit and give you more confidence when you’re around other people.
The most important thing for anyone to do, whether male or female, is to have fun. Smiley face nail designs are great for anytime you want to try something new, but they can also be great as just a simple touch-up. You’ll feel amazing with your unique look and be able to rock your outfit like never before.

black nails with smiley face
black nails with smiley face

Why Add a Smile to Your Nails? To Get Smiles from Others

When you have a smiley face on your fingernails, you get smiles from others. This is important because people who are insecure and are seeking approval tend to use behaviors that will get them positive attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’re insecure or not, happiness is contagious and can make the person that creates the happiness feel even better. So, to get these positive reactions, be confident in what you want and stand up for yourself.
What you see when you smile is what others see. So, if they’re having a bad day, smile at them. You can’t make anyone happy all the time, but you can store up some good karma points by making another person feel better:
If someone would like to get a smile from you, give them one. If someone doesn’t understand a situation (and smiles as a result), nod your head and say “oh yeah.” If someone asks you a question, make sure you’re smiling before you answer it.

black nails with smiley face
black nails with smiley face

How to Achieve Perfect Smiley Face Nails Every Time

Choose a black manicure that has small spaces between the teeth. A smaller smile will make your nails stick out more and give off more of the happy image you want to portray.
Start off by painting the bottom of your nails with a white polish. Keep in mind that a perfect smiley is all about the top, so it’s best to make sure you are able to see the entire line of teeth when you paint.
To make sure the smile isn’t too white, add an outline around each tooth using black polish. For an added touch, use a dotting tool to dot freckles on the eye for extra detail.
Then start painting your smile-lines. Begin with the thin part of your grin, and work your way toward the edges. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AND TOES CLEAN! Make sure you don’t get any polish remnants on the skin underneath your nails. This can give away the true meaning of a smily face, and reveal that you’ve been playing a little too much Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

black nails with smiley face
black nails with smiley face

Top 5 Designs That Will Make You Smile!

This nail art is great to do with a smile because everyone loves the cute cartoon characters and being able to create them in real life is amazing. Here are the five designs that we have chosen to make you smile:
1: Hello Kitty & Uma Thurman (Japanese movie, Kill Bill)
As you can see there is a lot of different anime characters so it can be hard to pick. But this one is definitely cute and a must have in every nail art collection; there are also some amazing pictures with Uma Thurman and she looks really cute. I don’t know if we will ever see them together in real life but if we do I would love to see them!
2. The Angel & The Devil
This is a really good design which is one of the top sellers around the world in all different places. It’s not only a very good design but it also looks really cute and because everyone can use it on their nails most people will surely have thought about it before.
3. The Elements – Water

black nails with smiley face
black nails with smiley face