What to Expect When You Visit a Brown Pride Tattoo Shop in Los Angeles


Introduction: The Culture and History of Los Angeles’ Brown Pride Tattoo Shops

The culture of tattooing in Los Angeles is influenced by the cultures of immigrants who came to LA all throughout time. In East LA, you can find a seedy and wonderfully welcoming Brown Pride tattoo shop with a history of family owned ones before it. The artistry is what customers come for, with artists that have been there for decades. The history is worth being told, and we’d like to tell you all about it.

brown pride tattoo shop east la
brown pride tattoo shop east la

The Process Behind Getting a Tattoo in a Brown Pride Shop in Los Angeles

As a walk-in, you can expect to wait between 3-5 hours before being tattooed by one of the artists. Brown Pride is not a modern shop, so they do not take appointments. The shop is open 7 days a week with artist available between 9am and midnight. The artists are all experienced and have had years to perfect their craft. You don’t need checks, identification or any kind of facial recognition software to get a tattoo. All you need is a willingness to be tattooed.
As an artist, this is the kind of shop I wish existed when I was a kid. Brown Pride is free of judgment, stress or drama. The shop is similar to the old-school tattoo shops where people did their job and enjoyed the ride no matter how long it took them. Downside to such shops is that they can become too big and loose their authenticity. Having been tattooed by several artists at Brown Pride, I can tell you they are veterans of the craft and have a keen eye for detail. They aren’t “developers” who have a paycheck to feed, but rather artists who protect the franchise and their reputation.

brown pride tattoo shop east la
brown pride tattoo shop east la

5 Things to Ask before Getting a Tattoo from Brown Pride East LA

Ask what tattoo you want to get and frame your ideas! Ask the artist how long it will take to finish the tattoo, and make sure you’re okay with their answer. Ask for examples of their work. Ask about the safety precautions they have in place at the shop. Ask if they drink or do drugs during the workday. The more you know about their business practices, the better prepared you will be for a safe and comfortable tattoo.
When it comes to partaking in an activity that carries various risks along with the fun, it is important to think about everything before making a decision. A tattoo can be attractive, but also dangerous if not done right.
In May 2013, a 22-year-old Bronx man died of bacterial sepsis while getting a tattoo in New York City (Brooklyn). The tattoo artist, who had a poor history of needle-sharing, was sentenced to six months in prison.
A group of concerned citizens are urging New Yorkers to avoid getting any tattoos before Sept. 15, the day World Health Day (June 11) and American Heart Month begin. They say the risk of contracting hepatitis is higher than many realize.
What can you do to protect yourself during the process?
Here are 5 things to ask before getting a tattoo from Brown Pride East LA.

brown pride tattoo shop east la
brown pride tattoo shop east la

Tips for Choosing Your Next Brown Pride Tattoo Artist

Ask artists where they learned how to tattoo. Decide on the style of art that you would like to see your artist create. Ask when they took the last break and how long it was. The last thing you want is someone who is burned out and wants to accidentally kill you or someone. Choose your artist with care.
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brown pride tattoo shop east la
brown pride tattoo shop east la

How to Find Your Favorite Local Brown Pride Tattoos on Instagram

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask us here at Tattoodo. Here’s a gallery of some amazing PB&J tattoos.
“Brown Pride Tattoos East LA”: How to Find Your Favorite Local Brown Pride Tattoos on Instagram.
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brown pride tattoo shop east la
brown pride tattoo shop east la