What We Wear When We’re Going on a Fancy Date or to a Formal Event


Worried about what you should wear to the big event? This blog post will help you figure it out!

The latest fashion trend that I am really loving is striped shirts. I love this top because it is great to wear with jeans or even with a pencil skirt! What are some other ways you can wear this striped shirt? Leave a comment!
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comme de garcons striped shirt
comme de garcons striped shirt

How to Prepare for a Big Event on a Budget

With this outfit, I can just throw on a cardigan, as soon as I get to the event. Maybe the cardigan can be an addition to the accessories provided by my boyfriend or even a gift from him! The best accessory for this budget is the bag, which I bought at Old Navy . Now it is time to prepare my hair!
Created by: Rebecca Tong
Class: Freshman
Going to a concert or any big event can be exciting, but it can also be expensive. I want to go to a big event because it will be fun, but it will cost a lot of money. I am always looking on the internet for more ways to save money. I then started to think that maybe there are ways that someone can prepare for a big event on a budget.
What you will have:

comme de garcons striped shirt
comme de garcons striped shirt

The Best Ideas for Formal Dresses for Every Body Type

I am lucky that I am tall, so dressing for a formal event is easy. However, what about short people? What about people with a bigger bulkier body type? My boyfriend is tall has an athletic body type. He took me to a men’s formal wear store to help my friends and I out! This striped shirt is perfect for him because of the fitted cut. The tight sleeves also gives him the look of a professional. We looked at stick on vests, which is not as fancy as it sounds, and blazers that are too expensive for what it is. I can picture myself shopping for blazers with my friends, but we ended up settling for this striped shirt with the pinstripes! With this guy, we don’t have to spend much on accessories because he already have everything he needs. Let’s take a look at the different body types and their different styles!
The best idea for a formal dress for body type #1- The Small Frame!

comme de garcons striped shirt
comme de garcons striped shirt

The Fine Art of Picking Dress Colors That Match Your Skin Tone

I was lucky enough to have a friend who can help with this! While I was looking for a new top, she told me about the dress color theory. The theory is that you should pick a color that compliments your skin tone. For example, if my skin color is yellow, I should pick coral colors like this striped shirt . Or if my skin color is brown and my boyfriend’s is caramel, I should pick pastel colors like this striped shirt . You can also see this theory applied in looks that are common in fashion, such as bridesmaid dresses. A wedding is an occasion where everyone has to look the same, so everyone picks a color to make them look like a team. Here’s how to do it as well.
Choose the color that matches your skin type. In my case, I picked a bright coral top because it makes me look healthier and happier. My skin is pretty yellow, but it has a little bit of red in it too. So the coral can make my skin look cooler and more redder, which is a good thing if you want to look healthy and alive.

comme de garcons striped shirt
comme de garcons striped shirt