Why Bernie Sanders Voters Should Accept That Their Candidate Lost


Introduction: The Biggest Political Upset of the Century – A Bernie Sanders voter’s perspective on why we must move forward and accept that their candidate lost.

First, the primaries began with a big win for Bernie Sanders…who went on to surpass expectations. Never in my lifetime have I seen a candidate who was so well-received by both liberals and conservatives. Yet he still lost.
Most people seem to have lost respect for the Democratic Party after this, because they now see that it is under the control of an establishment (Hillary, Sanders) that has been favoring one candidate over another for years and has rigged its primaries (not to mention corporate money). So many people are angry with their party and want a third party, and with good reason.
One of the reasons I was drawn to Bernie was because of his low chance of winning, which has been made possible by a rigged system. A political revolution is needed, not just a presidential change.
I believe this will lead to civil wars within both parties (although they may not start out that way), the media and their slanted coverage will get worse, we will find corruption within this administration (and likely our own), and we are going to need fundamental changes to our economy and establishment in general.
I don’t know if Bernie would have been able to secure the nomination on the first ballot. The system is completely rigged, and I seriously doubt that he could’ve won over Clinton’s superdelegates (even with a landslide win in New York). And she was a clear favorite of the establishment Democrats, especially the party elders.
But despite this, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to beat Trump in November.

bernie rage against the machine
bernie rage against the machine

Why Did Bernie Lose?

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. The media and HRC attacked him for that, which really made people question how far Bernie was willing to go. In hindsight, I see why this was a great tactic…but only in the short term. I believe that the debate of what it means to be a socialist is just as important as these other things.
Just for a quick review of Bernie’s stance on socialism: he does not want the government to own companies, or corporations. He also does not want to control the production or distribution of goods and services. His true socialist leanings are in the regulation of money, as in making income inequality more equal by raising taxes for those who make more than $250,000 a year.
That’s why if you cut his name and political ideals separated from his labeling as a socialist he has done really well. But the moment they said he was a socialist, people immediately thought he wanted to take away their freedom. So HRC played on that fear and made him seem like a scary guy to have in office.

bernie rage against the machine
bernie rage against the machine

The Future of U.S. Politics & the Road Ahead for Bernie Supporters

Bernie Sanders is one of the greatest political minds of our time. He won almost half of all votes in the Democratic Primary, and continues to gain on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is still a viable candidate for the upcoming election, but there is one thing that Bernie supporters must remember: she will never be Commander-in-Chief unless it’s in a Sanders Administration. Remember when Americans were told that a President Trump could not be trusted to handle our nuclear arsenal? Well, a President Sanders would not only be able to do so, he would make it easier to maintain global nuclear disarmament.
Both Clinton and Trump are flawed candidates. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is an honest, caring and brilliant man who will make America a better place. Just look at the track record of his accomplishments:
1) Sanders has fought for social justice for decades. During the 1970’s and 1980’s he fought against discrimination in jobs, housing and education. He supported civil rights and opposed discrimination against women, gays and people with HIV/AIDS. Sanders introduced legislation to create the Department… Read more
COMMENT: I was a Bernie supporter since the very beginning. However, lately I’ve been thinking that Clinton has been doing a decent job of representing her own political views. And Trump just seems like a boy who is trying to be a man. So I gave my support to Hillary, and I’m glad I did. She will make a much better president than Trump will ever be, and any third party would only make things worse for our country.
I’m looking forward to voting, and hoping that Sanders will accept the Democratic nomination (if he doesn’t, then he’s clearly not the real deal).

bernie rage against the machine
bernie rage against the machine

What Happens to Bernie Supporters Now?

Demographics: While Bernie Sanders supporters are disappointed, I believe he will continue to gain support and votes. In the next election, we will have candidates that are in a position where they can consider running on similar platforms…and I do not believe any of them will be able to surpass what Bernie stands for. If Donald Trump is elected, then you can consider the possibility that this could be the reality in which we live. Regardless of who wins the presidency, it is important that Bernie supporters realize that they still have power. They have the power to make their votes count. Bernie was a step in the right direction, not a complete solution. I am confident that he will continue to be a guide for candidates and policies that we support.
Shared narratives: While it may sound cliche, the United States needs real change. We cannot continue to vote for candidates who rely on deception and manipulation of our emotions against our own best interests. In order to change, we need to form lasting progressive political movements that can be sustained through the years. In order to form these movements, we need to work together. Our voting record cannot be the only thing that points to our convictions. We need to protest and protest loudly and consistently show up for those who have been historically oppressed in our country.

bernie rage against the machine
bernie rage against the machine

Bernie’s Legacy and His Final Message to American Voters

I will continue to fight for what is right. I don’t care that Clinton won…the work of Bernie should never stop. We get a lot of “What now?” questions and as someone who has been fighting for this country since age 10, I want you all to remember two things: (1) Socialism will always be a part of our country’s political landscape. The Democratic Party will never fully move to the left, but we must continue to push for economic, social and racial equality. As a Bernie supporter, I believe in the power of grassroots movements and I am proud to stand on the shoulders of giants, like Bernie. (2) Our fight for this country is not finished. You see these events as deeply sad…but I see them as an opportunity for me to become even more active than I was before. As Obama’s presidency comes to an end and the Trump administration begins to take shape, we must be stronger than ever. There are still too many injustices in this world…we can only finish what Bernie started.
Thank you for fighting side by side with me during these years. None of these past few weeks would have been possible without you. We will continue to fight for what is right, and I will never stop fighting for it. Read my final message below…
Bernie’s Final Message to American Voters
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Although we were not able to defeat an incredible opponent like Donald Trump, I am proud that millions of voters stood up and fought for what they believed in. We are a progressive movement and we will continue to fight for economic, social and racial equality. I am proud that the vast majority of the Democratic Party will continue our fight. Our grassroots efforts must become more active than ever before. The political revolution will never stop…it must become more powerful than ever before.

bernie rage against the machine
bernie rage against the machine