Why Girls Like Guys in Flannel, and What to Wear When You Gotta Look Good


What is a Style With Flannels?

A style with flannel is a style that has a flannel shirt, usually a checked or plaid one, tucked into high-waisted jeans and boots. A plaid skirt, shirt or vest might be worn in order to add some extra flair. A hoodie or pullover sweater are also common parts of this look. Depending on the season, a warm scarf might be worn as well. This style is somewhat similar to a lumberjack look, but it differs in that the flannel is not rugged and the items are more formal-looking. This look is somewhat popular among college students, usually girls who like guys in flannel.
*In the style with flannel, not only is a flannel shirt worn, but its use as an alternative to a polo shirt is also paramount.
This article discusses this topic in detail.
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*Plaid shirts and scarves are popular in hip-hop fashion.
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girls like guys in flannel
girls like guys in flannel

Why Girls Love Guys in Flannel

The appeal of guys in flannel is fairly obvious: it gives a guy that rugged look that is often associated with guys who are outdoorsy, or at least are part of a group such as the Boy Scout Troop or Alpha Phi Omega. It also conveys a sense of masculinity and masculinity as “guy” which can be attractive to girls. Flannel shirts tend to be more “tomboyish” in nature than a button-up or a varsity shirt. The flannel itself can be soft, fluffy and somewhat scratchy, which is high in contrast with the wearer: it’s mussed here and there and obviously worn over other clothes. Add to that the fact that flannel naturally matches with jeans and boots (or any other casual clothing), and you have a winning combination. Girls and other women seem to be drawn to guys in flannel.

girls like guys in flannel
girls like guys in flannel

What to Wear with a Guy In Flannel Outfit

In order to wear this style, you’ll need to make sure that your eyes are drawn toward the guy’s face (especially when it comes to a flannel look). You’ll want to be able to see his face–not his neck or the collar of the shirt. This is a look that causes some people to have a high-pitched voice, so be sure not to scream or overdo it. Additionally, since there will be high contrast between your overall outfit and your body, you should wear clothing that makes your features stand out. Use bright colors (not necessarily “loud” or neon, though) and make sure that your clothing fits. You should also wear shoes that match with the rest of your outfit, ideally boots. You can wear any type of boots, whether they be heels, flats, or even combat boots. [from here on out is a slight copy-paste of the article’s introduction and author bio – to be taken as knowledge and not to be copied verbatim]
This is a perfect look for anyone and it’ll look fabulous!
Rating: Dressing With Class

girls like guys in flannel
girls like guys in flannel