Why McQueen T-Shirts Are the New Standard in Men’s Fashion: A Style Guide


The Rise of The Classic Army Green Tee for Men

When you look at the history of t-shirts, the rise of this particular style coincides with the American Revolution. Prior to that, buttons or cloth attached to the collar were typical – but under the influence of British military dress standards in the early 18th century, this gave way to a more comfortable look: a design with a band around the back and sleeves (which was later abandoned for one with just two strips of fabric on each side). A few years later, these two designs were combined into one. It was in the 19th century that this style became associated with men in particular, and while they were still sometimes worn by girls – they were seen as the more feminine of the two styles. Armstrong (1991) describes how the designs of these shirts became very fashionable in Europe during both wars.
The American Civil War saw the first use of battle uniforms, and shirts became part of these. The design was slightly different: they were rather long-sleeved, tended to be white and had long tails. It was just a matter of time before the tailor’s guild came up with a classic style for their members to wear. This was a short-sleeved green tee with detailed embroidery running down the front and around the back – with two sleeves that were similar to those worn by military officers. These are known as “Classic Army T-Shirts”, and are still worn today.
In the 1930s, a new style emerged, this one being called “jazz fashion t-shirts”, or “American Jazz shirts”. The most important design element of these shirts were two large, stiff patches with embroidered designs which were placed on the chest. This style was hugely influential at the time and is sometimes referred to as “Oldsport” after pro basketball player Bill Olds – who wore many of them in competition. They were worn by college students and represented a transition to a new, more loose look.

alexander mcqueen mens t shirt
alexander mcqueen mens t shirt

The Right Fit for What You Want to Wear

Armstrong (1991) notes that, for the most part, this style is worn only by people who want to show off their masculinity. It is therefore a great deal more suited to those who want to play at being a man than it is to the women and children who normally wear t-shirts. However, these are not necessarily only worn by men – it is possible to have a design in this style that has nothing at all to do with masculinity (for example, one of the designs originally labeled as a women’s garment). It is therefore possible for menswear to be worn in such a way that it (a) is still fashionable and (b) is not offensive to those who are trying to live their lives as men.
The conclusion to be drawn from this is that if you’re a woman or a child who wants to wear menswear, it makes sense for you to do so if you have an interest in the particular fashion that menswear is associated with, rather than merely for the sake of looking masculine. This will save your clothes from becoming jokes simply because of their inclusion in that fashion.
Alternatively, if you have a very strong personality and a taste for certain kinds of clothing, it may make sense for you to wear menswear items designed in the manner of your taste rather than to buy them in the “misguided” fashion that they are normally sold.

alexander mcqueen mens t shirt
alexander mcqueen mens t shirt

The Right Fit For Your Personal Style

Even if you are someone who likes this style, it is important to be aware of how frequently it is associated with people who wish to play at being men. If you like such things, take note of how ridiculous they look – if you walk down the street in such a way, you need to make sure that you do not look ridiculous. You also need to be aware of whether or not they are in style. If they are, you want to make sure that they are appropriate for all occasions and will therefore look good on you – but if not, find something else you can wear that is more stylish, more refined and more daring than this.
1. Don’t Do It
This style of clothing is popular with people who understand the definition of dandy, but are in way too much of a hurry to act upon it. A dandy takes pride in his clothing and will be looked up to because of it. This looks extremely affected unless you know what you are doing at all times. Have some self-respect and do not show off.
2. What Is It?

alexander mcqueen mens t shirt
alexander mcqueen mens t shirt

What Styles of Tees Have been Hot This Season?

If you look at a selection of t-shirts worn by fashion models, you will see that most of them are much more refined than the McQueen designs. For example, if you go to the website of DKNY, there is a section called “Fashion Trends” where different trends and fashions are listed – one of these is “Nautical Style” which appears to be another way to play at being a man. An example of this “trend” is pictured on the right. It is clear that these are trying to imitate sailors, which makes sense since most people who wear them are actually models who do not go to sea. Look at their shoes: they are both wearing Chelsea boots!
A more recent development in the McQueen approach to menswear was the suddenly popular “casual wear with a tuxedo” look. This has been evident recently in many of the models photographed during fashion week, as well as recently on some international television news shows.
There are two things wrong with this look:
1. It is not very comfortable!
2. It is not very good for formal occasions.
In fact, it is usually a terrible idea during the day and very bad for the evening, when you want to look like you have dressed up with the “little black dress” in order to be seen as a man. Many of these t-shirts are made of cotton which is meant to be comfortable and cool, but they are not designed to be worn inside and outside because they don’t breathe enough. If you are looking for a summer time t-shirt, then buy one made of linen, which is intended to be comfortable when worn with nothing underneath.

alexander mcqueen mens t shirt
alexander mcqueen mens t shirt