Why Women are Attractive and How To Attract Them


How to Build a Relationship that Lasts Forever

Bear in mind that all relationships are different, but here are some general tips that should help you get to know your special someone.
Find and examine a quality that you adore about the other person.
Empathize with your partner when they’re feeling down or frustrated.
Nip conflict in the bud before it spirals out of control.
Encourage your partner to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings honestly with you; this includes everything from asking for a little help around the house, to talking about sex, to discussing any possible attraction they might feel toward other people.
Use your imagination in bed to try new things and make it fun.
Don’t equate rejection with failure.
Pay attention to the three key aspects of an intimate relationship: communication, sexual intimacy, and how much you care about each other.

as strong as the woman next to me
as strong as the woman next to me

The 5-Minute Guide to Boost Your Love Life with Masculinity

When men and women first meet, it’s almost as if they’re trying to see who can be the first to decide that they like each other. They meet, fall in love and kiss for the very first time. In the best case scenario, it’s just a few kisses and there’s a physical attraction. But in reality, most couples start chatting first on dating sites and then decide to meet up after a few months. This is often when they meet each other in person if they’re not already friends or Facebook friends beforehand. If that’s the case you should exercise caution.
The reason why men like to be in control is because men are risk takers by nature. Men love adventure and the more challenging the better. Challenge the first date and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Many women go out to a movie or have a few drinks with their boyfriends, get comfortable and then when they think they’re too drunk, they kiss him goodnight. They’ve been waiting for this to happen since the date began.

as strong as the woman next to me
as strong as the woman next to me

What is Gender Sensitivity and how it affects your life?

Gender is the set of characteristics, behaviours and characteristics attributed to one gender. (Gender inequality is a form of social inequality.) On a macro level, gender equality is the absence of discrimination based on gender. On an individual level it’s how your own perception or reaction to your gender affects your perspective on a day-to-day basis. For example, I am male so I also know what being a man means. I’m not like most men because I’m aware of my privilege, so when interacting with men most of the time (like at the mall), I try to talk to women and at least look out for them. When I talk to women, it’s more about friendship than attraction (although sometimes we’re attracted). I also try to not be on my cell phone all the time because I know how rude it can be. If a woman goes up to a group of guys and I’m there, I will always let her join in (unless her presence is unwanted). By being constantly aware of where the women are and what they might need, you will become a man who cares about social equality. You’ll be surprised about how much people will appreciate it.
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as strong as the woman next to me
as strong as the woman next to me