Wonder Woman’s Legs are Bigger than the Rest of Her Body! But Women were told to Wear Them for Beauty and to Prop Up Men


Why Wonder Woman Has Legs, Don’t Worry About It

Wonder Woman’s costume won’t be an issue for her movie, in fact, it will probably look good. She’ll be able to wear a non-flabby, tight and form-fitting outfit that can portray her beautiful curves. Unlike other female superheroes who usually wear outfits that are too revealing or just see-through, Wonder Woman’s costume is going to have no problem showing skin because she’ll have some armor under it. This armor looks great and also accentuates her figure. What else could a man want from an outfit?It’s not like Wonder Woman won’t have any legs either. She’ll be able to have her legs in the movie.
I can’t believe I’m getting my hopes up for this movie and she’s going to be able to wear those legs! This is not a commercial and it will not be played on TV with huge commercials like other superhero movies. It’s not like there’s going to be a trailer or anything. There will only be one or two scenes in the whole movie. This doesn’t seem like much, but this could change everything regarding Wonder Woman’s legs.Many female superheroes who wear revealing outfits usually have a big butt and thighs and are not allowed to wear pants on their costumes. There is also that famous Iron Man suit with the huge crotch that looks like it has some kind of gun sticking out of it. If Wonder Woman is going to have a gun on her thigh, maybe they’ll put it in the booty part of her costume. Let’s hope so.

gal gadot wonder woman legs
gal gadot wonder woman legs