You Need to Stop Wearing That Shirt


Introduction: What’s Wrong with Our Trendy Clothing?

The truth is that many of us don’t need an endless stream of new, quickly-outdated clothes. We live our lives in them, we put them on everyday and take them off every night! The truth is as well that our rapidly changing throw-away culture has no increase in value and wealth. It is merely one of mass-production, where fashion is the means to an end. Our clothing industry has become no more than a means for large corporations to make profits. They are concerned with appealing to the global market, and so our fast fashion clothes are made in sweatshops in poorer countries like Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam.

free people let's do this tee
free people let’s do this tee

Ways to Combat the Problem of Trendy Clothing Trends

Don’t shop for clothes on a whim as soon as you see something that catches your eye. Wait until you need a new piece of clothing. It’s best to find a good deal and then save up if possible to get the lowest price, if possible. They don’t make clothes for free. If you are looking for a particular style and it is out of stock or too expensive, or even if you find it in the store and it is not what you were looking for, then look at something else that somewhat suits your taste.
{{Quick Note: Why do we need to wait until we need new clothing? Because people shop for clothes according to the trends.}}

free people let's do this tee
free people let’s do this tee

4 Tips for Dressing Fashionably Without Burning a Hole in Your Wallet

Buy clothes that have a good fit and are of good quality. The best clothes aren’t necessarily expensive ones. Mix your outfits into different styles, but keep the colors conservative. Think jeans, shorts, tanks, t-shirts and hoodies; always wrinkle-free since they don’t have to be ironed or steamed. Wear your hair in different styles when the mood strikes you. Don’t get stuck on one style or color of hair or clothing.
Be creative and look for quality. It is never too late to change your style. Most people have a style that they wear at least once a week, although it may be boring or not expensive. It could just be time to change your style.
Wear colors that will offset each other (the concept of harmony in colors) and keep clothes simple so they don’t compete with each other. Try to coordinate colors with your skin tone, hair tone and eye color. Even if you don’t like the colors you are wearing, it is better to change your hair or clothing than your personality. Wearing boring clothes will set a bad example for others.
Invest in outfits that last for several months because they wear better over time. Save money by buying items that you intend to wear again in several months down the line.
Shop sales and garage sales. This is a great way to find bargain clothes. It is not worth spending a lot of money on 1 item; buy cheaper items that you can wear when you have time to change your style. You can get clothes that are new with tags for far less than buying them in stores.

free people let's do this tee
free people let’s do this tee

The Future of Clothing is Less and Less About Trends and More about Lifestyle

Affordable, long lasting clothing that suits our individual lifestyles has become the new trend in clothing. This means a lot of our clothes will continue to be worn often, saving us money and time in the long run and putting less stress on the environment. New technology has led to the creation of sustainable clothing items. Not only will these clothing items help people save money, they also help the planet by providing a healthier alternative to conventional clothing options. Technology has allowed us to create sustainable clothing that is:
Conservation friendly.
Long lasting.

free people let's do this tee
free people let’s do this tee